Why Should You Never Wake A Sleeping Baby? Best 5 Reasons

Why Should You Never Wake A Sleeping Baby? There is a reason that babies are called “beautifully sleeping” — they sleep for significantly more hours during the day than adults. This is because their brains cannot focus on two things at once, so when they are awake and focusing on exploring their surroundings, it leaves them very little energy to do other activities, such as sleep.

Some might say that you shouldn’t wake a baby if they are waking because of something in the environment. But most babies don’t wake like that — they wake because they are meant to be awake; their brains tell them to.

Why Should You Never Wake A Sleeping Baby
Why Should You Never Wake A Sleeping Baby

If you are concerned, you can always try covering the baby’s eyes at night or leaving the room. You may find that your baby sleeps even better than before.

If your baby’s room isn’t dark or too bright and you’re having trouble getting them to sleep, try making things a bit darker so that it’s easier for them to find sleep.

Why Should You Never Wake A Sleeping Baby? Best 5 Reasons

1. Babies Nap Because They Need It

If you are waking your baby up without realizing it, this behavior will become a habit. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping because they need it. Just like you, they need to rest to function best. And since they need to be rested, their physical and mental systems must rest.

2. Sleep Is The Key To Brain Development.

When you have a baby Baby’s muscles are not fully developed. This means that they cannot sleep as well as an older baby. This can also mean that your baby may become cranky, making it even more difficult for you to sleep at night.

3. Your Baby May Experience Memory Problems As They grow

Babies who don’t sleep can experience a high level of stress. Babies who are overstimulated can have the same memory problems later in life as adults who did not sleep well when they were younger.

4. Babies Can Become Ill Easily

A baby’s immune system is not fully developed when they are born; therefore, it cannot fight off disease as well as an adult’s. This is why it is so important for a baby to get plenty of sleep.

5. Your Baby May Not Feel As Safe As They Should

If you wake your baby often during the night, your baby will have trouble feeling safe and secure. This can cause them to have trouble sleeping as well. It can also cause problems with mood swings and stress at a later date in life.

Why Should You Never Wake A Sleeping Baby

Should You Ever Wake a Sleeping Baby?

Yes, you should wake a sleeping baby if they try to sleep all day and are tired. If you want to play a game, then you wake your baby. If you want to cook, then you wake your baby. If they don’t sleep, they won’t be able to rest.

Don’t Wake A Sleeping Baby On Weekends

Babies should be allowed to rest during the weekend when they are young just as much as on weekdays. If they don’t rest, they will be cranky on the weekend and won’t have the stamina they need to play.

Don’t Wake A Sleeping Baby In DayCare

You should not wake your baby when you take them to daycare. They should be able to rest as much as possible, which means that they won’t be able to sleep if you constantly interrupt them.

You shouldn’t wake a sleeping baby

There are several occasions when you should not wake a baby. For example, when your baby has croup, your doctor may tell you to keep them quiet and still until the coughing has stopped. You should never wake a baby with a nightmare or if they are having an extremely hard time falling asleep such as if they were hit on the head or had taken medication.

Consult with your pediatrician if your child is starting to wake up and frequently cry. Suppose they are having a lot of trouble sleeping. In that case, they may have a condition called “sleep onset REM behavior disorder,” which means that they are sleeping, but if awoken, it will seem like they are awake and able to respond immediately.

Never Wake a Sleeping Baby?

You shouldn’t wake a sleeping baby, but it is okay to get them out of the crib if there are obstacles to them waking up on their own. Do not feel guilty about getting your child out of the crib.

If you get used to getting them out of the crib, you can use an alarm clock or a small blanket on your child when they try to sleep in their own bed.

This will help your child establish better sleeping habits and get them out of the habit of you getting them out of the crib.

5 Good Reasons to Wake a Sleeping Baby

This section will provide the information you need to know about why you should wake a sleeping baby.

1. Your Baby May Develop Weight Problems Later in Life

Babies who sleep too little may be prone to weight problems later in life. This is because they eat a lot more than they need at night, which can lead to weight gain. You should consider getting your child out of the crib if they are always sleeping long hours, making them gain weight.

2. Your Baby’s Bowels and Bladder May Be Affected

If you frequently wake your baby up, they will be able to develop poor functioning of the bowels and bladder. They won’t have time to go to the bathroom during the night, which can lead to digestive issues later in life.

3. To help sort out day/night confusion

Babies of parents who tend to wake them up often will tend to sleep through the night with ease. If your baby is sleeping all day and you are waking them up multiple times, it will take time for them to realize that they should be able to sleep all night. This can lead to confusion as well as developmental delays.

4. Your Baby May Experience a High Level of Stress

Many babies who sleep too much in the day and not enough at night are stressed. Stressed babies will develop memory problems and may be unable to do as well in school as they should. It is best to try and get them out of the crib if they are sleeping too much and try to get them into a routine they can follow easily.

5. Your Baby Won’t Be Able To Do As Well In School

Babies who sleep too much will have trouble focusing on the material taught at school. This means that the amount of work they will do correctly will be less than if they got enough sleep at night.

Babies who don’t get enough sleep during the day may also develop epilepsy and other seizures later in life. They might also have problems with their motor skills and speech development if they are not getting enough sleep during the daytime.

Is it Bad to Wake a Sleeping Baby?

Waking up a sleeping baby isn’t always a bad thing. It all depends on the reason why you are waking them. It is best to follow a routine so your baby can learn to sleep on their own.

You should never wake a sleeping baby trying to get them out of bed to play with them or do something. You should also never wake your child up if they have nightmares or have had an injury recently.

If you want to help your baby get more sleep, follow a comfortable routine so they can learn the signals that will let them know when it is time to sleep.

Final Thoughts

When your baby is sleeping well and getting enough sleep, they can function properly. If they are always sleeping long hours, you should try to wake them up around the same time every night to get them into a routine.

This article discusses the best way to wake up a sleeping baby. You should follow what I have written here to find out the best way that you can wake up your baby at night. I hope that this article has been very helpful for you today. Please let me know if you want more information about waking your baby. I’m here to help!


Is it okay to wake a sleeping baby?

It is okay to wake a sleeping baby if you need to, but be aware that there are possibilities that your child may have some problems with sleep onset REM behavior disorder.
If your child wakes up from sleep but doesn’t necessarily seem awake, they probably have this condition. It is best to consult your doctor and find out what triggers this issue.

Should you wake your baby if they sleep too long?

If you are waking your baby up because they have slept too long, then you should rethink your position. If you want to play with your baby, but they are sleeping, it will most likely disrupt their natural sleeping cycle and make them more tired.
Remember that a baby’s sleep schedule may differ from yours, so you should look into this. You might also find out that they nap excessively during the day and stay awake longer than they normally would, which might be bad for the child’s health.

Should you wake a sleeping baby from nap?

Yes, if you want to wake your baby up, it’s nap time. They are sleeping might not be a good thing, so you may want to wait until the nap is over. They should be tired from the nap, so they will most likely be tired from waking up.

I have trouble waking my baby up at night?

Many babies are resistant to being woke at night, and it’s not uncommon for parents to have trouble waking their babies up. This can be for several reasons, but you should try to do whatever you can to ensure that your baby is getting enough sleep at night.

I want to train my baby to sleep on their own?

Yes, ensuring your baby learns how to fall asleep on their own without a pacifier or bottle is a good idea.

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