Why Is My Baby Fighting Sleep? Best 5 Reasons

Why is my baby fighting sleep? A 3-month-old baby is crying in his crib for hours, refusing to sleep, and driving you mad. Your sanity is in question, and your patience is at an end. This can’t be normal!

Babies are difficult to understand sometimes. That’s why we put together this list of questions and answers about why a little one might seem like they’re fighting sleep.

We hope this article will give you the understanding you need to help with your child’s unique case. In the baby world, various things can cause a baby to cry for hours. 

N.B. Several factors below might be just part of your child’s personality. You may find that as they grow older, they will steadily settle into a pattern of being much less difficult/difficult in different ways.

Some children have strong personality traits, which cause them to cry for silly reasons or not want to sleep unless held. 

There’s also the possibility of your child fighting sleep because of some medical condition.  We’ll explore possible reasons behind a screaming baby and ways you can help your child relax and get ready for bed.

Why is my baby fighting sleep? Best 5 Reasons


Babies are filled with energy; they are always curious and fascinated by the world around them. They can’t help but examine everything, every nook, and cranny! So even when they fall asleep at night, it’s not a deep sleep that you or an adult would experience. 

Babies in this situation will be aroused easily from sleep due to noises from the household and other environmental factors. Examples include the sound of a telephone ringing, an alarm clock, a doorbell, or even something as simple as a cow mooing in the distance.

A baby that is fighting sleep will be very agitated and agitated easily. They may also have short bursts of energy, much like our own children do at times. Often they will go from very calm to suddenly scream in one continuous, very loud episode.

Why Is My Baby Fighting Sleep
Why Is My Baby Fighting Sleep


The next most common reason that babies fight sleep is related to hunger. This can be either a case of a baby not getting enough to eat, or it could be the result of what they are eating.

Babies can get quite noisy at night if they are hungry. As soon as you put them down for bed, they’ll start crying because their body wants fuel and will use up all the energy and nutrients stored to make themselves feel full again.


Babies fight sleep because they’re overtired. Babies, like adults, like to relax and wind down at night, getting ready for sleep. But sometimes, this relaxing and winding-down ritual can take hours.

When it does, your baby will begin to get overtired, and when that happens, it will become difficult to soothe. It’s similar to an adult who keeps going non-stop without sleeping because they are overly tired or overworked.

The important thing to remember is that babies can’t express when they have had enough or when they have had too much. They can’t tell you they’re tired or overworked, so they cry and cry without fail.


Some babies are driven crazy by the noise of other noisy children, adults, dogs, television programs, etc. Their brains feel overwhelmed by the sensory information going into their ears, eyes, and mind. 

When a baby fights sleep, they try to block out the world around them, but they can’t. They can’t stop the sensory information, so their only option is to fight back and make a lot of noise.


Babies get overstimulated by the world around them, especially when they’re in a new environment with many new things to look at and listen to. A baby fighting sleep will become stressed and unnerved, feeling like there’s just too much going on. 

In these cases, the best thing you can do is to take steps to soothe your baby while they are awake. You want them to feel calm and happy before they go to bed. This can help alleviate their stress and help them sleep peacefully and soundly.  

Why Is My Baby Fighting Sleep

What can you do when your baby fights sleep?

1. Help them relax

The most important thing to do is to help your baby relax and wind down before bed. If your baby is getting over-excited, it can be hard for them to calm down enough to sleep.

It’s normal for a baby under six months old to be tired after sitting up and playing for an hour or so. They can’t control themselves and will suddenly get tired with no warning.

2. Dim the lights

There’s a wide range of baby night lights on the market, from simple to elaborate. Some parents like them, and others are completely against using them because they don’t want their baby to become used to bright light at bedtime.

If you’re worried about your child becoming accustomed to plugged-in lights and all the unnecessary noise that comes with that, then keeping the lights dim is an excellent idea.

3. Keep noise to a minimum

One of the biggest contributors to baby’s fighting sleep is the sounds they hear around them. You have to be careful not to expose your baby to too much or too loud of a sound. You don’t want them conditioned to certain noises, and then when you go away for the weekend, your child will be crying for hours in protest because he misses his favorite sound.

4. Keep yourself cool

Try to keep the room your baby will be sleeping in cool. Babies are used to the warm and cozy womb-like environment they live in for nine months, and it’s no surprise that many don’t like a cold bedroom. It should be nice, but not freezing. If using a crib, try to line it with a light blanket until your child gets used to the new environment.

5. Keep yourself calm

Try to remain calm and collected no matter how much you want to turn on the T.V. or rock your baby back and forth. Your child will become upset when you show that you’re upset.

6. Sleep when they sleep

Babies fight sleep because they’re overtired, so the best thing to do is to put them down while they are still sleeping. The most important thing to do at this point is to leave them alone to sleep until they have had enough rest and feel tired.

How to Get Your Baby to Stop Fighting Sleep?

Try to make a schedule for when your baby will be sleeping. Feeding can help with this, but ensure you are also feeding on a schedule. Many pediatricians advise parents to feed their babies every four hours during the day and at regular intervals at night.

Do not be afraid of picking up your baby, holding them, and comforting them when crying. This is the most important thing you can do because it shows that you’re there for them and taking care of them.

Here are some ways to stop your baby from fighting sleep:

1. Give your baby a chance to self soothe

It is important to let your baby learn how to fall asleep on their own. To do this, you need to put your child down drowsy but awake, so they can have a chance to play and go to sleep on their own. This will teach them how to calm themselves without you holding them.

2. Do Calming Activities Before Bedtime

If you know your child tends to fight sleep because of overstimulation, try giving them a calming activity like a bottle or a warm bath before bedtime. This will help them relax before they go to sleep.

3. Sleep Position Matters

If your baby is fighting, sleep on one side, and try switching sides. If your baby is sleeping on their back, try sleeping on your side, so it’s easier for the baby to comfort themselves in this position.

4. Experiment with your baby’s bedtime

If your baby isn’t tired by their normal bedtime, wait a little longer until they get tired. You can also try to get them into a routine, like putting them down earlier on the days when they have napped well and vice versa.

5. Help your baby relax during the day

If your baby is fighting sleep in the daytime and it isn’t because of overstimulation or that they are overtired, try bringing down stimulating activities at least one hour before their bedtime. If you’re going to have friends and family over for dinner, try to get your baby down at least one hour earlier that night.

6. Try to stick with the schedule

Try not to wake your baby up if you don’t need to. If you decide it’s time for a feeding or a diaper change, comfort them first and then put them back down within minutes. If you wake your child up without making it clear that you’re doing it to comfort them, they will become scared and distressed.

Why do babies fight sleep when overtired?

An overtired baby will fight sleep because they are exhausted. If your child is fighting sleep more than usual, you might want to try putting them down earlier. When babies are overtired and fighting sleep, they often cry, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t fall asleep eventually.

For example, if your baby wakes up at six in the morning and is crying for an hour before you put him down for a nap at nine in the morning, his brain will still be awake and active even if he has fallen asleep.

Why is my baby fighting sleep all of a sudden?

The most common reason babies suddenly start to fight sleep is teething. When babies are teething, they become overstimulated, and this causes them to be overtired and fight sleep.

If your baby suddenly stops fighting sleep, there could be a few reasons. They could be:

1. Teething

When babies teethe, they become overstimulated, which can cause them to fight sleep. If you notice that your baby is having difficulty falling asleep, try to give them a nuzzle during the day and put them down earlier at night.

2. Going through The Change

Babies can also become overtired when they go through the change process. Their sleep cycles become longer than usual, and they also experience growth spurts.

3. Having another baby in the house

If you have a new baby in the house, it could be causing your older child to feel some competition. This can cause them to become overtired; therefore, they will fight sleep more easily.

Why is my baby fighting sleep at night?

The most common reason that babies fight sleep at night is that they aren’t tired. Infants don’t know when it’s time for bed. Therefore, you have to be the one to decide when it’s time for them to sleep by setting a routine and putting them down on time.

Other reasons why your baby might be fighting sleep at night are:

1. Overtired

Babies are overtired when they don’t get enough sleep at night. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to fight sleep at night. Babies aren’t aware of their sleep requirements until they are around six months old, so until then, you have to be the one to decide when it is time for them to go to sleep and wake up.

2. Pacifier problem

If your baby has a pacifier problem, it may begin to fight sleep because of being overtired. The longer the pacifier, the more easily overtired a baby may get. If you notice that your child isn’t getting enough sleep at night, then it means that they need to have less liquid sucked out of their pacifier during the day and put it in at night instead.

3. Understimulated

If your baby is understimulated at bedtime, it will start to fight sleep. This can be caused by some things, like over-excitement or the baby isn’t sleepy enough. At first, you might be able to solve this problem by putting a calming activity before bedtime, but it could become an issue if you aren’t able to do that consistently.

4. Too much excitement

If your child is fighting sleep because of excitement, try giving them a bottle or a warm bath before bedtime. This will help to calm them down, so they are ready to sleep.

What happens if my baby fights sleep?

Babies who fight sleep can be frustrating. Babies who don’t fight sleep tend to fall asleep faster and more easily, therefore being able to tire themselves out in the process.

Babies fighting sleep can be very hard to put down, but once they fall asleep, it is easy for them to wake up and start crying again. Their cries tend to be for comfort, not because they need something else.

You can best try to get your baby into a routine, so they know when it’s time for bed. You should comfort your baby and keep the ritual consistent before putting them down.


It can be frustrating when your child is fighting sleep, but it is only natural that they do so. Overstimulated babies will fight sleep more easily, and the longer you wait for them to fall asleep, the more they get hotter and warmer.

In the end, fighting for sleep does not mean that you should avoid putting your baby to bed or that you should leave them for a long time awake. What it does mean is that you should try to follow a routine as much as possible, comfort your baby before putting them down and make sure that they feel comfortable and happy when going to sleep.

I hope this guide helps you understand why your baby may be fighting sleep and answers a few questions you have been asking yourself.

If you have any other questions or comments, I will be more than happy to answer them. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends on Facebook so they can also find out what to do if their baby is fighting sleep.


Is it normal for baby to fight sleep?

Yes. It is normal for babies to fight sleep, and you shouldn’t worry about that; it’s just natural.

What could be causing my baby to fight sleep?

Babies may fight sleep because of teething, the change, or being overtired or overstimulated. They might also be fighting sleep because of excitement, a pacifier problem, or being understimulated at night.

Why is my baby fighting sleep during the day?

If your baby is fighting sleep during the day, it could be because they are overtired. Make sure they get enough sleep during the night and try to put them down at regular times each day.

Why is my baby fighting sleep 7 weeks?

If your baby is fighting sleep between the ages of seven weeks and ten weeks, it is normal because they are going through the change and growing out of their newborn schedule.

Why is my baby fighting sleep at two months?

If your baby is fighting sleep between the ages of two months and four months, it is normal because they are going through the change process. It would help if you did whatever you could to get your child to fall asleep during this time.

Why is my baby fighting sleep so bad?

If your baby is fighting to sleep a lot during the day or at night, it could be because they are overtired. Try to make sure that you consistently put them to sleep each day and create a routine so that they know when to expect to become tired.

Why is my baby fighting sleep 3 months?

If your child is fighting sleep between three and six months, they are going through the change and will soon be moving from a newborn to an infant schedule. It can be frustrating at this time, but try to ensure that you put them down for sleep consistently each day.

Why is my baby fighting sleep so hard?

If your baby is fighting sleep so hard that it is becoming very difficult, it could be because they are overtired. Try to make sure that you consistently put them down for sleep each day and do whatever you can to calm them down before putting them to bed.

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