Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed? Top 7 Reasons

You’re probably wondering, “Why does my cat sleep under my bed?” but your kitty is wondering, “How can I fit myself in that tiny space without you noticing?” Cats are naturally sneaky creatures who do what they want when they want. It’s just part of their personality.

They love being cosy and might find your bed more inviting than their cat condo or other places in your home.

If you want to get to the bottom of why cats sleep under beds, take a look at this list to find out where they might go during the day and night.

Is It Normal For Cats To Sleep Under The Bed?

Yes, it’s normal for cats to sleep under the bed. It’s not necessarily that they are trying to hide from you. They find it a private and safe place where they can feel secure during their most vulnerable hours.

Cats To Sleep Under The BedCats To Sleep Under The Bed
Cats To Sleep Under The Bed

It might appear as if your cat is hiding under the bed because he is shy with you, but he may be more likely to come out when you are away from home.

If your cat often sleeps under your bed, there is a good chance they will be spending their days elsewhere as well. Try looking for them in other hard-to-reach places where they can curl up and relax while they are out of your sight.

7 Reasons Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed?

There are many reasons cats are under the bed, and 7 of them may surprise you.

1. Security and Comfort

Your kitty might find comfort and security under your bed because it is cool, dark, and quiet there — three things cats love. If your furry friend feels secure enough, they may nap under the bed for an afternoon snooze or overnight sleep session. They could also curl up under there when they’re feeling stressed out.

Cats are low-key creatures who have an instinct to roam around searching for prey or exploring their surroundings. If your cat feels unsafe going outside, for example, they might stay hidden under your bed for a while during the day to feel safe.

2. Health problems

If your cat is sick, hiding under the bed may be their way to avoid being around other family members or pets. This could also occur if your feline friend has a respiratory issue or eye infection. If they feel vulnerable, they might choose to go under there for safety reasons.

3. Possibility of Getting Attention

Don’t you love it when your furball runs over for some head scratches? Cats love attention, especially when it comes to head scratches. Since your cat doesn’t always feel comfortable in the rest of your home or even in their own space, they might take advantage of the one place you’ll notice them — under your bed!

4. Protection

If your kitty feels threatened by another pet or person, they may find a safe place under your bed to hide away. They might also climb under there if they’re trying to escape from your dog or another predator in the middle of the night.

5. Loneliness and Boredom

If you work long hours or travel often, a kitty might feel lonely and bored at home — especially if you don’t have another pet. If your home doesn’t provide enough stimulation, they may start showing signs of litter box issues and exhibit behavioral problems such as scratching or meowing constantly.

6. Curiosity

Your feline friend is naturally curious about their surroundings and might find it interesting to explore the dark underbelly of your bed. Cats love hiding in tiny spaces so that this one could be a hit!

7. Pregnancy

If you’re expecting a new human or fur baby in the family, your kitty might start to feel territorial about its surroundings. If they sense that a new addition means less attention, they may become reserved and defensive until the baby gets older.

When this happens, your cat might go under your bed because it has become their private space, and they want to get away from the door-busting open.

If your cat starts going under your bed, it might be time for a check-in with your vet to make sure everything is ok. Also, pay attention to other changes in behavior and keep them coming by giving them love and affection. If you’re having issues, you can always turn to your vet or a pet behaviourist for help.

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What To Do If Your Cat Sleeps Under The Bed?

If you wonder, “why does my cat sleep under the bed?” then it probably has something to do with your kitty feeling safe and at ease there. Cats are just naturally sneaky creatures who love being cosy!

Their behavior is likely because they are naturally cautious creatures who want to feel safe. If your cat sleeps under the bed, you probably have nothing to worry about. Your kitty is just feeling a little shy because maybe you caught him in an awkward position, or he was doing something embarrassing.

Your kitty might also be looking for attention from you during his most vulnerable hours. This means that you should probably stop what you are doing and give your cat some loving. If he sleeps under the bed, it’s likely because your cat is feeling a little bit overwhelmed by his surroundings. Or there might be too much going on in your home.

Is It Ok For My Cat To Sleep Under The Bed?

If you wonder if it’s ok for your cat to sleep under the bed, the answer is a resounding yes! This is a perfectly natural and harmless activity that shows signs of affection. Cats will sleep anywhere where they feel calm and comfortable, so it’s no surprise that a few of them go under there at night or during naptime.

You might be wondering if it’s ok for your cat to sleep under the bed if they’re shedding hair or some other mess, and the answer is yes! Sleeping under your bed is natural behavior, and it means that you have a very relaxed kitty on your hands. This can only be a good thing because stress makes cats vulnerable to many different health issues like an upset stomach or a weak immune system.

How To Stop Cat From Sleeping Under Bed?

If you’ve come to this article wondering how to stop a cat from sleeping under the bed, then there are a few things that you can try.

The good news is that your cat probably has a few perfectly understandable reasons for sleeping under your bed, so there’s no reason to get angry with them.

Here are some things that you can try:

1. Keep them company during the night

One of the most common reasons for cats sleeping under beds is because they crave attention and love during the night. It’s natural for outdoor cats to be out doing their thing at night, so naturally, yours might feel a bit lonely sleeping alone every night. If you want your cat to stop sleeping under the bed, then you should probably sleep on the ground with them!

You can also bring your kitty to your room during naptimes, so they feel a little less lonely. Cats are very reliant on routine, so it’s important to keep them on a schedule, so they know what to expect from you and the environment that they live in.

2. Provide safe alternatives

If your cat is going under your bed because there aren’t enough hiding spaces around the home, then you should consider building them somewhere else. The best thing to do is build a tiny corner or some cubby space, so they have a place to sleep and hide.

This should be near your bed so you can easily check up on them at night, but it shouldn’t be under there because you need all the space you can get!

3. Distract them with exercise

If your cat is always searching for new hiding spaces, you should try to do something about it. Cats naturally become more active during the night, which is why they’re always looking for somewhere to sleep.

If your cat is constantly wandering around at night, then you can try to tire them out, so they have no energy left to go under your bed. You can take them for an extra-long walk or play some games with them before bedtime so that they’re too tired to wander around at night.

Why does my cat sleep on my bed at night?

Many people find their cats sleeping on their beds at night and wonder why they do it. There may be many different reasons for events during the day why this may happen.

Your cat may have been experiencing some stress, or perhaps your cat is just trying to get closer to you.

Your stress levels might affect your cat’s behavior as well. So taking deep breaths and relaxing is a way to help your cat feel better.

If you are having a stressful day, try not to let it get to your cat.

Also, taking care of yourself and getting enough exercise is a way to help keep you and your cat happy.

If you find yourself too close to the stress of your day and let it take control over you, then your cat might start feeling uneasy about the situation.

Should I let my cat sleep under my bed?

After your cat has been under the bed for a while, he will likely begin to feel like this is his ‘special spot.’ It might take him a while to get used to this, but your cat should come around and accept it with time.

As a general rule of thumb, cats can’t be under the bed more than three days in one go as they start to associate it with being uncomfortable and not feeling safe.

If you decide to let your cat sleep under the bed, make sure it is a clean and safe space for him as well. Ensure he does not have any injuries or wounds that take time to heal.

You can also try getting him a little bed pad for when he sleeps in the same spot many times. This will give your cat the impression of being in a ‘special place’ and allow him to feel safe.

Why Does My Cat Hide Under the Bed?

If your cat suddenly begins to hide under the bed, there are many different reasons. Perhaps you have a new pet or child in the house. It could be a new partner or roommate staying over for the first time.

If you find your cat has decided to hide under the bed, try and find out what is causing him to feel this way.

A new pet might just be sitting in the same room as your cat, but at that moment, he may feel uncomfortable and huddle up under the bed. Another possibility is that your cat has never been around any new pet or child before, so he doesn’t know how to react.

If you suspect it may be the case, you can try and go into the room by yourself so that your cat can come out of hiding and see what is going on.

Have a go at introducing the new pet to your cat gently. If he decides to hide under the bed again, repeat until your cat decides he wants to become comfortable with the situation.

The Best Way To Stop A Cat From Sleeping Under The Bed

If you are wondering the best way to stop a cat from sleeping under the bed, then you should probably think about the reasons why they’re doing it in the first place. It’s very normal for cats to sleep under beds or other places because there might not be enough hiding spaces around the house.

If this happens, you should consider building them some small cubby where they can hide under. It should be near your bed so you can check on them at night, but it shouldn’t be under your bed because there isn’t enough space up there!

You can also try to get your cat accustomed to sleeping inside their kennel instead of under the bed. It might sound harsh, but it’s one of the best ways to stop cats from sleeping where they’re not allowed to sleep. If you want them to stop going under your bed, then you should keep them in their kennel at night so that they get the message loud and clear.

The Bottom Line

Cats are hunters, so it’s common for them to sleep under the bed to ambush prey. They also like being near their food source, and humans often provide this by keeping dry food on a nightstand or giving cats access to human foods while cooking.

Sometimes they want some space from you too! If your cat is sleeping under your bed every day, but not at other times of the year. There may be something going on with either themselves or the environment that needs attention. Let me know what’s happening if you have any questions about this.

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