Why Do the Royals Sleep in Separate Beds? Top 5 Basic Reasons

Why do the royals sleep in separate beds? Many different customs of marriage, sex, and relationships have existed throughout history. One such custom is that royalty slept separately at night.

Generally, one partner would sleep on a day bed while the other slept in a nearby four-poster bed to maintain privacy. Times have changed, and now British royals sleep in rooms next to each other with some couples sharing a bed – but it’s not unheard of for them to still have separate rooms.

The Queen and Prince Philip have separate bedrooms at Buckingham Palace but share a dressing room and private sitting room. As couples grow older and sleep patterns change, sharing a bed is not always easy.

Why Do the Royals Sleep in Separate Beds
Why Do the Royals Sleep in Separate Beds

In the old days, having a separate bedroom was a way to keep the royal bloodline “pure.” But this is probably more to do with the classic ideal of “ladies in waiting” than any specific claim to genetic purity.

The Queen and her sister Beatrice and Princess Anne are said sometimes to have their own bedrooms within Buckingham Palace.

Why do the royals sleep in separate beds?

Here are 5 basic reasons why royals sleep in separate beds:

1. Stability of the line:

Sleeping in separate rooms kept other potential mates from discovering you were already married.

It is well-known that having a wife or children in the same house as you could be an obstacle to marriage. However, since the royal family has always been closely related, it must have been preferable for members to avoid any scandal and drama by sleeping off and on across the room rather than in one bed.

2. The people were more important than the title:

Though it was considered rather old-fashioned in the 18th century and early 19th century, sleeping in separate beds at night helped to ensure that the line of succession remained clear.

The monarch being married to a commoner might have caused problems for their children if they were not born from a union between two members of the aristocracy.

3. Mosaic Marriage:

This is where husband and wife had distinct but mutual interests. They had their own courts and households. They saw each other infrequently and only for ceremonial purposes.

4. The couple was completely comfortable with each other:

Back then, it wasn’t uncommon for royalty to have children in private quarters rather than in the main palace. They also had their own staff, separate from the rest of their family. Therefore sleeping in separate beds ensured that the royal family could go about their lives as if they were completely independent.

5. The couple was absolutely devoted to each other:

When you spend 24 hours a day with someone, it is impossible to hide the fact that you are in love. Sharing a bed would have been a way of showing this devotion and affection and living as one person.

As the concept of marriage has evolved over the centuries, so have the practices surrounding sleeping arrangements. Today it is largely considered old-fashioned for couples in royal families not to share a bed. Yet, it is not completely unheard of for them to still have separate bedrooms.

In the past, it was thought that members of royalty should not sleep in the same room as their spouses, particularly if they were descendants of James I and Charles I. By sleeping a few feet apart from each other or on separate floors allowed them to maintain some semblance of privacy.

Today there is no need for couples to sleep separately, as the monarchy has embraced an open image. Couples often share rooms and bathrooms and will not hesitate to sleep in the same bed together.

Why Do KINGS & QUEENS SLEEP in Separate Bedrooms?

Do all royals sleep in separate beds?

Yes and no. Though technically, royals sleep in separate bedrooms, some couples may share a bed because they have busy schedules and cannot spend every waking moment together. For example, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have unofficially slept together for five years.

That being said, couples such as Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are said to sleep separately at night. They have been on separate floors for many years and are said to keep separate bedrooms because Charles does not want his wife to think that he is being cold towards her.

For others, there are different reasons for separation. Prince William and Kate Middleton may sleep in separate rooms at night simply because they need their own space, a common occurrence among young couples.

Why didn’t the royals sleep in the same bed?

The royals in the past who chose to sleep in separate beds are many and varied. For example, some suggest they wanted to maintain privacy and not share a bed with a commoner. Some believe it was simply an entrance into their private world.

It has been said that they were to discourage such behavior from themselves or their offspring, particularly if they were from Roman Catholic families where marriage between first cousins wasn’t uncommon.

In the 16th century, there was also another reason for this. There was an idea called Mosaic Marriage, which stated that spouses were supposed to have distinct but related interests. Couples who slept in one bed tended to have the same interests and would get bored spending their entire time together. Therefore, sleeping apart was a way to prevent this boredom from taking over and bring them closer together.

Some people believe that the reluctance of royals to share a bed stems from this idea, as they need to sleep alone just in case they have children with a different partner, who would be thrown into the middle of their relationship.

Do The Royals Sleep In Separate Beds?

There are times when the royals sleep in separate beds, and there are times when they do not. No one rule says everyone must sleep in separate beds.

Sleeping in separate rooms has been around for centuries, but it is not entirely outdated. For example, some couples share a room without sleeping together. It is most often the case for people who have shared interests or for those who have grown up with other family members.

Why do royal couples sleep apart?

There are many reasons the royals in 18th century England would have preferred not to sleep together. It is possible that they wanted to make their children safe from a potential scandal. Some believe this was because they wanted to ensure their children would be raised by someone separate from them.

In the past, it has been thought that sleeping in separate beds is outdated and that couples should not sleep without physical contact. Today, there is no need to sleep in separate beds. Couples can share a bed without any risk of being accused of incest.

Why do kings and queens have separate bedrooms?

Sleeping in separate beds is not entirely outdated and is still practiced today by some royals. Since the beginning of time, it has been customary for royalty to have separate bedrooms, even if they shared the same bed. In some cases where the royals slept apart, they had their staff attend to them.

Moreover, monarchs that preferred separate bedrooms could easily go about their own business without worrying about what their spouse was doing at all times. They could even entertain guests without having to worry about any possible unrest.

It is no coincidence that many royal couples today have their own separate bedrooms. The couple may want to sleep in separate rooms because they do not share any common interests or family background or do not get along.

For example, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are said to sleep separately as something of an experiment; they do not like to be under the same roof altogether.

Do Harry and Meghan sleep in separate beds?

The only people who can answer this question are probably Harry and Meghan. There is no reason why they would choose to sleep in separate beds. However, given their busy schedules, it is not completely impossible that they would have to separate for a time.

In addition to this, there is the fact that Harry and Meghan’s first child will be born within the next year, so it could also be possible that they will sleep in separate rooms at night.


Over time, many people have stated that sleeping in separate beds is outdated and that people should sleep in the same bed together. This is not entirely true, however.

From the beginning, royals have had private bedrooms and rooms where they sleep alone. In some cases, this was especially important for monarchs who ruled vast empires and had to separate themselves from larger families to govern effectively.

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