When Did Married Couples Start Sleeping in The Same Bed? Best Answer

When Did Married Couples Start Sleeping in The Same Bed? It has been recently noticed that couples are returning to the idea of sleeping in the same bed. This is becoming more common with the generation of adults in their twenties and thirties who had grown up with no memory of a time when couples did not sleep in the same bed.

One factor contributing to this might be a shift in attitudes about sex-related norms and gender roles. Some people believe that one reason for this is because young people today have much less sex than they used to have.

In a recent survey, it was found that 73% of married couples sleep in the same bed. This was a big change from past generations when people slept on separate beds.

When Did Married Couples Start Sleeping in The Same Bed
When Did Married Couples Start Sleeping in The Same Bed

It was not too long ago when people in North America slept on separate beds. It became popular to sleep with a spouse at the end of the 19th century, but even then, only about 3/4 of couples did it. By 1960, 87% of people were sleeping in a double bed.

On average, most parents who have kids under 6 years old have two children, and these children typically share a room or at least they share one bed.

One reason for this trend is that young married couples today tend to lose their virginity to each other rather than go out and find somebody else to sleep with, so sleeping with their spouse makes them more comfortable later on in life when they decide actually to get married.

Why did married couples sleep separately?

Married couples sleeping in separate beds became popular after WWII when people were scarce, men especially. Married women were also encouraged to take jobs so that the economy could expand quickly.

This requirement for women’s participation in the workforce meant that they had less time for domestic chores, and it made sense that they shared a bed with their husbands while they were at work.

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Having a second bed meant that the women could sleep without being disturbed while their husbands stayed at home to look after the children and do housework; this was a good division of labor to maximize productivity.

However, this practice began to die out in the seventies with the increase in divorce rates among young adults getting married for the first time. Women no longer needed to work, which freed up their time, meaning that they could spend more time at home without needing a bed of their own.

Their initial reasons for sleeping separately have evolved into having different preferences in where one sleeps. While many couples may still sleep apart due to comfort, more married couples share the same bed.

When did married couples start sleeping in the same bed?

The Research Survey

A research study conducted by Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, found that 64% of married couples preferred to sleep in the same bed while only 14% slept separately.

This survey comprised 2000 people aged between 16 and 65 who have been married for at least a year. So many people sleep together because they feel that it keeps their relationship strong and are being advised by the media to do so.

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The Results

This study found that couples under 25 were twice as likely to sleep in separate beds than those over the age of 25. However, this number is slowly decreasing with the younger generation.

Research conducted by a different university also reached very similar results. They found that only 12% of couples kept sleeping separately from their partners.

In current time it has been understood that sleeping in separate beds keeps either partner from disturbing the other’s sleep with any noise or movements.

It is also a good way to keep any problems within the marriage away from affecting their sleep; they would wake up in better moods if they were not disturbed by their partner’s snoring or other noises.

It can be said that many people believe that sharing a bed with someone feels right, while others do not have the time nor the desire to sleep separately due to their work schedule. The older generation has also expressed that they did not want to give up their bed for anyone, even their spouse.

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Why did married couples stop sleeping in twin beds?

Married couples stopped sleeping in separate beds for many reasons, the most important being that no one thought it was normal anymore. Those who still sleep separately are now doing so just because they have grown used to it or prefer their own space when they sleep at night.

Here are some reasons why did married couples stop sleeping in twin beds:

• The media suggests that you should be sleeping in the same bed with your partner

• You want to keep your marriage healthy and happy

• You are no longer working, and there is no need for separate beds.


Having separate beds means much less fighting in the household. Both partners can have their own space without being disturbed. In addition, they are less likely to start a fight if they have nothing or no one to yell at, even when they are irritated.

As well as being able to relax when you go to bed means that there is no further reason to argue over anything. You can all calm down until the next day when everyone has left for work or school.

You Can’t Sleep Together 

Some people cannot sleep when their partner is around; this could be due to snoring, kicking in their sleep, or using the bed covers while sleeping.

Instead of simply asking them to leave you alone while you sleep, it is easier to have separate beds while they are gone so that you can get some sleep no matter how long they are away.

Sleeping Arrangements

Some couples may find themselves not sharing a bed due to circumstances outside of their control, such as staying at their parents’ house or having relatives coming to stay with them.

Having separate beds is a big help in these situations as it can be seen as impolite to ask your guests to sleep separately just because they are not married.

Too Much Disturbance 

If one partner has a habit of being restless when they are sleep or tossing and turning all night, the other partner may need to sleep in a separate bed as they do not want to be awake all night trying to find a comfortable position.

It is important that they both get adequate rest for work and school the next day; sleeping separately means they will still be able to sleep instead of staying up all night.

There are many other reasons why couples choose to sleep separately. Some of these include snoring or having restless leg syndrome, which can disturb their partner. Others may have had a bad experience sleeping together before and are not comfortable with sleeping together anymore.

It boils down to what both of them are comfortable with. However, there will always be those that prefer their own space while they sleep.

When did western couples start sleeping in the same bed?

Western couples in the 20th century started sleeping together in the same bed.

The reasons why western couples started sleeping together may be different from those of other countries or cultures. While some people still think it is important to sleep separately, others see no reason not to enjoy their marriage to the fullest, including sharing a bed.

While it is true that both partners have their own space in a twin bed, this does not provide much comfort when your partner wants to cuddle you throughout the night. Most people would probably rather sleep together than spend all night trying to fall asleep again after they are woken up by their partner moving.

Sleeping in separate beds has become a social norm, and couples prefer to sleep together instead of alone because they feel lonely. While some people may be able to sleep by themselves, many others can only sleep when they are next to their partner or children; this is because they do not want to be alone if something happens to them while they are asleep.

While it is really up to the couples themselves what they prefer, there are many other factors when you want to sleep next to your partner every night.

Some of these reasons include having children running around the house at nighttime, snoring or kicking during their sleep, and being too warm while sleeping. Sleeping together makes it easier for couples to fall asleep and enjoy restful sleep throughout the night.

What percentage of married couples sleep in separate beds?

Statistics show that about 20% of married couples in the United States sleep in separate beds; however, only 7% would prefer to sleep in one bed together.

People nowadays are trying to work on their relationships and make their current relationships better rather than focusing on finding a new partner. Sleeping separately is not the same as sleeping in another room; couples sleep in separate beds of the same room.

It has more impact on their relationship than one might think, but there are many other factors involved when you want to spend more time sleeping next to your partner every night.

There are many benefits for couples who choose to sleep together; some of these include spending time with each other, intimacy, and the ability to get a better night’s sleep.

Many studies have been conducted about couples sleeping in separate beds because they were dissatisfied with their current sex lives; among these men and women, many claimed they did not feel satisfied while sleeping together. Others preferred to have a good night’s rest rather than having sex every night.

The Conclusion

Due to the decrease of people who sleep separately and the increase of people who share the same bed, it can be said that sleeping apart has become more of an exception than a rule.

The majority of married couples nowadays sleep in the same bed, which shows how society’s perception of this subject had changed from when it was normal to do so to when it became abnormal.

In current times, whether married couples sleep together or apart is usually dependent on which one of them wants to stay up later than the other.

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