When Can A Dog Start Sleeping In Your Bed?

When can a dog start sleeping in your bed? There are a lot of considerations to take into account, but there is no clear answer. It depends on the breed you have and how old they are

Dogs are meant to sleep outside, not in your bed. But sometimes you can’t help but want them there next to you at night! When is it okay for a dog to sleep in your bed? Here are some tips on when it’s appropriate and what dangers come with letting dogs sleep inside.

When Can A Dog Start Sleeping In Your Bed?

When can a dog start sleeping in your bed? The owner should decide it. Many consider it unfair to allow dogs on human beds, while others see no issue with it. Most of this comes down to the individual dog, their breed and their personality!

When Can A Dog Start Sleeping In Your Bed
When Can A Dog Start Sleeping In Your Bed

Every dog is different, just like people are. Some dogs won’t mess up your bed or leave hairs everywhere, while others aren’t so considerate.

Most dogs used to sleeping in a kennel and not allowed in the bedroom will respect their owner’s wishes and stay outside of the bedroom. However, all dogs need to be trained to sleep in a kennel if they want to and not on the bed.

Is it okay to let a dog on the bed?

It depends on several factors, including the size of the dog, breed and age.

Small, young dogs are safest in your bedroom. Small dogs, especially puppies, can do well with sleeping inside if they can find a spot on the bed or the couch with you. But you should only allow them to sleep in your bedroom when you’re there because their odds of getting injured are much higher if they’re alone.

Chihuahuas, dachshunds and other small dog breeds are the safest to keep in your bedroom at night. Most of these dogs can fit inside a crate that’s bigger than their own body.

Keeping them in the same room as you ensure that they won’t be hurt or injured because they can’t get away from you or out of the crate.

Another good thing about small dogs is that they won’t take up much room on your bed. This allows you to have still plenty of room to stretch out and sleep comfortably.

Is it okay to let a dog on the bed
Is it okay to let a dog on the bed

Bigger, older dogs should sleep outside at night. Even if your dog doesn’t seem like it would take up too much room, it’s still not safe to let them sleep inside.

Big dogs can easily cause damage when they move around or decide to go after something at night.

Dogs should never sleep in your bed with you – especially big dogs that might accidentally hurt you while you’re sleeping. If a dog is big or strong enough to cause injury, then they aren’t safe to sleep in your bedroom.

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Can my 8 week old puppy sleep in my bed?

Yes, but not in your bedroom.

At only 8 weeks old, likely, your puppy is still small enough to feel comfortable in a crate or another room with you. A crate can be a good alternative if you think your younger dog might try to escape the room when you’re asleep.

However, your puppy will likely have to be fed in the same room as you. And if they have an accident, you must clean it up quickly so they won’t try to eat things later on.

When is a dog allowed on the couch?

Even smaller dogs can cause damage when jumping off of couches or beds. A better option is to let your dog sleep on the floor, away from any furniture.

If you can’t get your dog to move off the couch or bed, you’ll have to either step over them or pick them up and hold them while walking. This will ensure that they won’t jump off at night and get injured.

But be careful if you have stairs. You don’t want your dog to fall down the stairs at night and get injured.

How old should a puppy be before sleeping in bed?

A puppy can sleep on your bed if they’re smaller than most dogs, even when you aren’t there! But bigger puppies shouldn’t sleep with you because they might take up too much room.

Puppies that are small and fit on a dog bed should be able to sleep right next to you at night, but you’ll have to watch out for them because they might move around and get off the bed. If this happens, you can put them back on your bed or try feeding them with you.

If your puppy is too big to fit on a dog bed, they can’t sleep in the same room. They’ll have to sleep in another room when you’re not there, but you should still let them sleep in the same room if they want.

How do you introduce a dog to sleep in your bed?

A dog can sleep in your bed if they’re small enough to fit on the bed. It’s not safe for dogs that are too big, so you’ll have to determine their size before letting them sleep on your bed.

Introduce dogs to sleeping in your room by bringing them inside when they’re sleeping. Dogs are used to sleeping in different places and won’t be scared of your room when they’re inside.

Introduce dogs to sleeping in the same room as you by letting them sleep next to you when you’re on the ground. Let them sniff around your bed and get comfortable there before trying to let them sleep in your bed. If they want to, then let them sleep at the foot of your bed.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve ever wondered when your furry friend can start sleeping in your bed, the answer is not as clear-cut. The best way to determine this is by considering how big they are and what type of dog they are. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about pet care or want more info. 

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