Sleeping Beauty Baby Shower: Top 15 Baby Shower Theme Ideas

A sleeping beauty baby shower is a fun way to celebrate the arrival of a new child. These showers are popular because they can be themed and feature special activities for guests, such as games and prizes.

The next time you throw this type of party, here is what you need to know: 

A sleeping beauty baby shower starts with planning an appropriate theme that includes items like invitations, decorations, and activities for guests.

Here’s more information on how to throw a successful sleeping beauty baby shower:

What Is A Sleeping Beauty Baby Shower?

A sleeping beauty baby shower is a new trend for expectant moms that is fun and exciting.

Almost like a mini-baby shower before the big day, this party brings together friends and family to celebrate the soon-to-be mommy’s pregnancy with some good food, drinks, games, and gifts.

The idea of this type of celebration has become very popular in recent years as it allows people to be involved in an upcoming birth without being present at the actual delivery.

15 Sleeping Beauty Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Sleeping Beauty is a classic story, and it has been used as inspiration for many different kinds of baby showers.

Here are some ideas to kick-start your own:

1. A Hot Air Balloon Adoration This is a truly creative idea for a baby shower decoration.

Hot air balloon baby shower idea
Hot air balloon baby shower idea

String up some helium balloons and cut out paper shapes representing hot air balloons to create an enchanting advent atmosphere.

Themes: fairy tale, sleeping beauty, baby animal

2. Twinkle Twinkle Baby Shower Decorations

Make twinkle twinkle little star-themed decorations with glitter. 

String up some twinkling lights in the baby’s nursery or use them to decorate the tables at your Sleeping Beauty-themed baby shower.

Themes: constellation, constellation theme, baby shower theme

3. A Fairytale Forest Decoration Use butterscotch toothed leaves, moss, and green florals for woodland theme baby shower decorations.

Themes: forest animal, fairy tale, woodland animals, little princess

4. A Baby Shower with Bees This is an adorable bee-themed opportunity for you to use yellow paper flowers or beeswax candles. If you prefer to, you could use regular candles for this theme.

Themes: bee, bees, bug-themed baby shower, insect theme baby shower

5. A Baby Shower in the Circus-Themed Decorations Create your carnival-inspired decorations with styrofoam plates in various colours and round lamp shades. Cut the bottom of each Styrofoam plate using scissors or a utility knife so that they resemble carnival masks. Then, use glue to attach them onto lampshades in any way you like.

Themes: animal print baby shower, safari theme baby shower, jungle themed baby shower, circus theme baby shower

6. A Baby Shower in the Jungle Themed Decorations Cover your walls and ceilings with pastel green sheets or fabric. Then, cut out various shapes such as flowers and leaves from colourful construction paper to create a flowery effect.

Baby Shower in the Jungle Themed Decorations Cover your walls
Baby Shower in the Jungle Themed Decorations Cover your walls

Themes: jungle theme baby shower, safari themed baby shower

7. A Baby Shower in a Circus Theme Decorations Make some balloons yourself by crumpling pieces of tissue paper and attaching them to the end of a balloon. Then, inflate it and use more paper streamers or crepe paper to decorate the room, using a ceiling hook for support.

Themes: circus theme baby shower

8. A Baby Shower in a Rainforest Theme Decorations Cover the walls with green mossy material and hang some tropical flowers here and there. Then, bring out the animal masks and lay them across the tables to add to the effect.

Themes: rainforest theme baby shower, jungle theme baby shower

9. A Blue Elephant Baby Shower Decorations This is a modern take on the traditional baby shower. As the mother-to-be opens gifts, use elephants as centerpieces and scatter flowers and other jungle-themed items around them to complete the look.

Themes: blue elephant theme baby shower, pastel elephant theme baby shower

10. Animal ABCs Baby Shower Decorations With this jungle animal theme, your new baby’s nursery can come to life with vibrant colours of the rainbow. A new baby is sure to bring light into any family home.

Themes: animal ABC theme baby shower, jungle alphabet theme baby shower

11. Jungle or Zoo Baby Shower Decorations Invite guests to the party with these special zoo invitations. The rest of the decoration can be simple: some balloons and streamers for this low-key jungle-theme baby shower.

Themes: jungle party ideas, jungle themed baby shower

12. Fun Safari Themed Baby Shower Decorations For a fun safari theme baby shower, it’s all about the little details that will make your decor pop!

Fun Safari Themed Baby Shower Decorations
Fun Safari Themed Baby Shower Decorations

This is why you need to include in your décor these adorable safari animal printables. At the end of the shower, you can send your party guests home with a fun safari goodie bag.

Themes: safari baby shower, safari themed baby shower

13. Vintage Circus Baby Shower Decorations For a vintage circus-themed baby shower, the best way to decorate is with some cute paper pom poms that you can easily make at home using some crepe paper.

You can either hang them up as-is or attach mini clothespins to the bottom of each pom and then clip on some cute pictures or sayings that match your theme.

Themes: vintage circus baby shower, jungle themed baby shower

14. Safari Baby Shower Invitations / Decorations

Here are some cute invitations for a safari-themed baby shower. The black and white design is in the shape of an old-fashioned top hat, which will be perfect for starting your vintage circus-themed baby shower.

Safari Baby Shower Decorations
Safari Baby Shower Decorations

Themes: safari baby shower, vintage circus baby shower

15. Safari Themed Baby Shower Banner / Balloon Decorations

These safari-themed decorations are the perfect way to set the tone for your vintage circus baby shower. You can either hang up the banner or attach mini clothespins to the bottom of each fabric square and then clip on some cute pictures or notes to the banner.

Themes: safari baby shower, vintage circus baby shower

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The Advantage Of Sleeping Beauty Baby Shower Theme

The Advantage sleeping beauty baby shower theme can be used for both boy’s and girl’s showers. It is perfect for nautical-themed baby showers, not only on the invitations but on decorations too.

If you plan on having a joint shower with your best friend, this theme will work perfectly for both of them!

Just make sure to use blue invitations or envelopes, navy blue tablecloths, light blue mini blinds, etc.

Baby Shower Invitations For This Theme

The best way to get the theme across with sleeping beauty invitations is by adding a darker blue bow on top of the invitation. It should be tied in a traditional shape and add some jewels to it. You can also add flowers or stars that are light blue.

Sleeping Beauty Favors For Baby Shower

You could give away round beach balls with little baby feet for favours since it’s something that both pregnant women and babies need. But you can also go for stuffed animals or get a toy castle building set.


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