Sleep Number Murphy Bed Review: Best 5 Health Benefits Of It

Sleep number murphy bed is a unique type of bed that features independent motion platforms with various elevation options.

These capabilities allow the platform to be raised or lowered easily with the pull of a cord or button.

A Murphy bed is typically used as an insert in another piece of furniture, such as a wardrobe, and helps add extra floor space to a room.

Traditionally, they are also attached to walls and ceilings as an alternative to built-in shelving. The bed frame is highly adjustable and portable and can be moved around for different needs.

One of the main benefits of a Murphy bed is that it can be used in different rooms and decorated to best suit the needs of each room.

Many good benefits come with choosing a Murphy bed: Less Expensive than buying all-new furniture, the bed looks like you purchased it from a store, it makes the room look more spacious and Customizable based on your preference, and More space-saving.

What Is A Murphy Bed?

Murphy bed consists of a frame that can be entirely assembled or partially assembled depending on which platform you use in the frame.

The frame can then be used to expand space and make it appear as if you have extra floor space in your room.

Murphy beds are used for sleeping in; they can also be used as a computer desk, extra seating, or storage space.

Benefits Of Sleep Number Murphy Bed

1. It is affordable.

2. It is convenient to use.

3. It takes less space than you think in many cases, making it look like you have extra floor space in the room.

4. It can be customized based on your preference and needs.

5. And it is also space-saving.

How To Choose A Sleep Number Murphy Bed?

Determine The Size Of Your Bed:

The first step to buying a new Sleep number murphy bed is to determine the size you need.

There are three sizes available for most platforms: queen, twin, and king.  It is important to note that twin and king-size Murphy beds do not have the same height as their full-sized counterparts.  However, the length will be the same or nearly the same.

Consider Your Available Space:

You can choose a queen or king-sized mattress depending on your available space.

There are also different styles available for queen and king-sized platforms that you can choose from:

  • Twin-sized platform with headboard: This style consists of a twin-sized platform with an attached headboard.
  • Full-sized platform with headboard: This style consists of a full-sized platform with an attached headboard.

Do I Need A Murphy Bed?

As said above, Murphy beds are usually used as an insert between your existing bed and a piece of furniture. 

This is not entirely necessary; however, it can be leveraged to fit your bed in the space you have or need.

Sleep Number Murphy Bed
Sleep Number Murphy Bed

It is important to note that if you decide to purchase a Murphy Bed, it is just as important to think about how much you would use it and when you would use it.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Your Own Murphy Bed?

The cost of a Murphy bed depends on the size of your mattress, the size of your available space, and the style.

For example, a twin-sized platform with a headboard can cost you nearly $1000 if you buy it from a store.

However, if you decide to purchase all the supplies to build it yourself and build it yourself, it can cost as little as $250.

What Is The Difference Between A Wall Bed And A Murphy Bed?

1. Both wall and Murphy beds are small beds that can be made in smaller spaces.  However, the wall bed has a large structure that takes up more space than a Murphy bed.

2. The wall bed is permanently fixed to the wall and cannot be moved out.  A Murphy bed can easily be taken out of the space and stored when not in use.

Why Do Murphy Beds Cost So Much?

While Murphy beds can be customized to fit a specific type of mattress, they are not often customized to fit the specific needs and wants of the owner. Since they need to be able to hold any bed, a lot more materials and labor are needed.

Many high-end Murphy beds can cost up to $1000.

Signature Sleep Easy-Lift Queen Murphy Wall Bed in Ivory Oak


How Deep Is A Murphy Bed?

The depth of a Murphy bed depends on the size of your headboard and the height of your mattress.

For example, a full-sized platform with a headboard can be as deep as 11″ (28cm).  However, a queen-sized platform with a headboard can be as deep as 17″, which is about half the depth (measured on the width) of a full-sized platform.

What Types Of Mattresses Do Murphy Beds Support?

Different types of mattresses will behave differently depending on the type.

1. A foam mattress will compress and become thinner when placed between the headboard and the footboard of a Murphy bed.

This is because foam mattresses have less support, to begin with.  However, this will not affect the comfort level of your sleep.

2. An innerspring mattress can be compressed even more than a foam mattress due to its coils.

This does not affect the comfort level of your sleep. However, it can affect how much room you have inside your Murphy bed frame.

How Safe Are Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds are as safe as any other metal beds. It is important to note that Murphy beds can rust if not taken care of properly like any metal bed.

How Much Weight Can A Murphy Bed Hold?

The exact weight limit will vary depending on the size of your mattress, your mattress support system, and other factors.

For example, a full-sized platform with a headboard can hold up to 350 pounds (159 kg).

Are Murphy Beds Good For Tall People?

Unlike normal beds that make it hard for tall people to get comfortable, Murphy beds are designed to accommodate larger bodies. This is done by using the correct bedside rail height instead of having an individual rail for each height.

Does A Murphy Bed Need A Box Spring?

Like normal beds, Murphy beds do not need a box spring. This is because they are adjusted to the height of the person sleeping on it, so they don’t need to use additional parts.

Can A Sleep Number Mattress Be Used In A Murphy Bed?

Sleep number mattresses are designed with a memory foam layer placed on top of a base layer. This allows them to be used in Murphy beds.

However, you must keep the memory foam layer intact when putting it in the bed frame.

Can A Murphy Bed Be Freestanding?

Yes, a Murphy bed can be freestanding. This is one of the reasons that Murphy beds are ideal for apartments and small spaces.

The entire structure will not be as deep as a wall-mounted bed, which can free up more space for you to use in your apartment.


If you are looking to save space while still getting the support that you need, a Sleep number Murphy bed can be a good solution to your problem.  It can also be customized to your needs and comfort level, making it even more versatile.

It is important to note that any bed that you buy has a certain size and shape and will most likely not fit best when placed in another type of frame.

This is one of the reasons why Murphy beds are so popular. They take up less space and don’t negatively impact the quality of your sleep.


Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Murphy Bed?

Many stores sell Murphy beds. Since it is important to fit the bed properly to your needs and you need to be able to try out the comfort level of the mattress before you buy it, it is important to go to a store that offers this kind of service.

What Is A Queen-Sized Murphy Bed?

A queen-sized Murphy bed consists of a full/queen-size platform with an attached headboard and footboard.

Can A Bedspread Or Sheets Be Used In A Murphy Bed?

Yes, a bedspread or sheets can be used in a Murphy bed.

Does A Murphy Bed Work With Any Mattress?

Murphy beds are designed to work with standard mattresses like normal metal frames.

Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

A Murphy bed can be just as comfortable as a normal metal frame.

What Kind Of Mattress Should I Use For A Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed can be adjusted to fit any mattress.

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