Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag: Best 4 Useful Features Of It

Any Emergency Sleeping Bag is an emergency sleeping bag, but what makes a Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag? Patriot emergency sleeping bag is a U.S. Made emergency sleeping bag made with a US Wool Blend (30% Wool and 70% Polyester), made in the U.S.A.

It is also rugged, mil-spec tested, and put to the test by the U.S. Military; perfect for those always on the move, whether camping out or just building a bug-out bag!

What Is An Emergency Sleep Bag?

An emergency sleep bag offers warmth and comfort during periods of inclement weather or during sudden sleep loss. One’s ability to stay warm can be determined by how well one is sleeping in the bag.

Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag
Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag

A quality bed bag will offer warmth, comfort, and adequate heat retention over a longer period than other types of emergency sleeping bags.

How Does It Work?

The Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag is made with a combination of polyester and wool that join together in a way that insulates you from both cold and hot temperatures. There are two ways to use your emergency sleeping bag: Portable or Tented.

The Patriot emergency sleeping bag comes in two separate pieces, 1. The sleeping bag itself and

2. a stuff sack that the sleeping bag fits into, allowing you to carry it easily if need be.

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For those using their Patriot emergency bedding system in portable mode, lay the sleeping bag out flat and zip it up.

It is advised that you insulate yourself with a layer of clothing or blankets to prevent heat loss and place the included storage pouch between your body and the compressed wool fibers of the emergency sleeping bag.

This will allow the emergency sleeping bag to keep you warm while resting. You may also choose to lay the emergency bedding system out in a tent fashion by laying it flat and propping it up on your back.

This method is generally used for a quick nap when you have limited time and an area for children to play or sleep on. It is best not to use this method for overnight camping, as it is not conducive to keeping in heat over a long time.

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Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag Features

Comes in a two-part set for easier storage. No need to buy two separate products.

A 30% Wool / 70% Polyester blend, which means it is comfortable for the warmest conditions and yet dries quickly when wet.

Made with Mil-Spec Tested material and has been tested during the harshest conditions by the U.S. Military (9 lbs, 4 ounces, 22″L x 9″W x 6″H).

A Storage bag for easy portability when used in Portable Mode.

A great gift for anyone who enjoys camping, hunting, fishing, travel, or just having a safe place to sleep.

The Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag includes the following 4 useful features:

1. Comes in a two-part set for easier storage and transportation; stuff sack and blanket are included.

2. Made with a 30% Wool 70% Polyester blend that is comfortable for the warmest conditions and yet dries quickly when wet.

Emergency Sleeping Bag


3. The Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag has been tested by the U.S. Army during the harshest conditions and comes standard with a storage bag for easy portability when in Portable Mode.

4. A great gift, shop Patriot Emergency Bed Bags to stay warm, cool, dry, and alert in adverse weather, ideal for camping or emergency survival scenarios, as well as an emergency sleep bag.


Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag Specifications:

1. Measurements: 22″L x 9″W x 6″H

2. Capacity: 0.69 Cubic Feet

3. Weight: 9 pounds 4 ounces

4. Color: Black (Other colors are also available here)

5. Material: 30% Wool/70% Polyester Blend with Mil-Spec tested material, perfect for warm camping or emergency survival scenarios where you need to keep warm and alert at all times!

6. Storage Bag: included, perfect for emergency survival supplies when used in Portable Mode.

Where To Buy?

You can buy Amazon products from my site if you don’t mind giving me a small commission. Otherwise, you can find Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag on Amazon.


The Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag is a great American-made product perfect for all travelers, adventurers, and anyone looking to have a safe place to sleep.

The Patriot Emergency Sleeping Bag is the perfect gift for anyone who loves camping or wants a safe place to sleep during an emergency or disaster.

The quality that goes into this product allows it to be used in any of these situations and others we may not have encountered yet. Shop today for your own emergency bedding system and feel the comfort and warmth of a quality Mil-Spec tested Emergency Sleeping Bag!

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