Manta Sleep Mask Review: 3 Amazing Features Of It

Manta Sleep Mask is a safe and dependable sleep mask, perfect for extreme sensitivity to light. With the Manta Sleep Mask, getting a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by sensory stimulation is possible.

Manta Sleep Mask is a sleep mask that claims to be the “world’s #1 sleep mask,” and it is your go-to choice of sleeping accessories. This article will outline the pros and cons of the Manta Sleep Mask and help you decide if this sleep mask is right for you.

What Are Manta Sleep Masks Made Of?

Manta Sleep Mask is made of a soft and flexible material similar to HDPE (high-density plastic). The material is only slightly elastic to fit over your eyes comfortably. The material’s elasticity will allow it to stretch around your face very well for a sleep mask.

Why Should You Buy Manta Sleep Mask?

This sleep mask claims to be “the only sleep mask on the market designed for maximum comfort.” That being said, you should buy Manta Sleep Mask if you are looking for a sleep mask.

What Features Does Manta Sleep Mask Have?

This article will outline the features that make this sleep mask stand out from other sleep masks.

1. This sleep mask also comes with an elastic strap to help keep its shape around your eye area.

Manta Sleep Mask
Manta Sleep Mask

2. This sleep mask has “breathable eye covers,” which is great for reducing that “sweaty eye” feeling

3. This sleep mask also comes in an optional nose piece so you can breathe while using this product.

Does It Work Well With Your Sleep Style?

This sleep mask has a relatively thin design which reduces pressure on your eyes and face when sleeping. Other sleep masks are designed to be thinner around the eyes, but they still don’t necessarily reduce pressure on your face.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Manta Sleep Mask For Naps?

This sleep mask is generally suitable for napping since it doesn’t permanently change the shape of your face.


1. No permanent changes to your face due to this sleep mask

2. The sleep mask doesn’t restrict your breathing or impair your hearing

3. You can use it for naps and overnight sleeping so you can avoid the “tired eyes” look in the morning for work or class

4. The elastic strap helps you keep this sleep mask on during a nap


1. If you are wide awake during your nap, this sleep mask may cause you to wake up during the middle of the nap.

2. The elastic strap will still annoy you if you want this sleep mask off

3. This sleep mask doesn’t offer any back support while sleeping, so it feels like your face is floating unsupported in mid-air when using this sleep mask.

How Can You Clean It?

This sleep mask is washable, just like most other materials that come in contact with your skin. You should wash the sleep mask with warm water and soap just like you wash your face.

Can You Use This Mask If You Wear Glasses Or Contact Lenses On A Nightly Basis?

If you wear spectacles or contact lenses, I recommend getting a sleep mask with a nose bridge so it won’t apply too much pressure to your nose/face during the night.

This will help prevent your glasses from sliding off your face while sleeping. This sleep mask doesn’t have a nose bridge, so no worries if you wear glasses or contacts on a nightly basis.

Can Men And Women use manta Sleep Mask?

I recommend getting a sleep mask with adjustable straps to use this sleep mask for both men and women.

This will reduce the risk of it being uncomfortable for your partner. Unfortunately, this sleep mask does not have adjustable straps like this, so it might not be comfortable for your partner due to the lack of adjustability.

What Is The Price Of Manta Sleep Mask?

This sleep mask is available on Amazon for $24.99, and Amazon offers an additional 15% off on Cyber Monday for a limited time.

Does This Item Have A Warranty?

The manufacturer does offer a one-year warranty.

What Are The Requirements To Use It Properly?

I recommend using this sleep mask for naps or if you need a full night’s sleep to recover from your “tired eyes” look.

How Do You Get Your Hands On One Of These Masks?

You can order one for yourself on Amazon! Just click the link below:

Final Thoughts

This sleep mask is a great choice for avoiding eye strain due to tired eyes. The elastic strap helps keep the sleep mask from becoming loose around your face.

I also like that you can use this sleep mask for naps and overnight sleeping, so if you are tired, you can nap without worrying about waking up during the middle of your nap.

Lastly, this sleep mask is also the best sleep mask for wearing glasses or contact lenses. If you are looking for a good quality sleep mask that won’t permanently change your face, then you will like this sleep mask.

Is the Manta sleep mask good for side sleepers?

This sleep mask is good for side sleepers and back sleepers. It’ll help reduce the amount of morning eye-bag puffiness, and it won’t slide around/off your face.

Is Manta Sleep Mask waterproof?

Manta Sleep Mask is not technically “waterproof”; however, the material can withstand a few droplets of water. If you are worried about your eyes/face getting wet, I recommend getting a sleep mask with an adjustable strap or one that has an elastic band if you have a specific face shape.

Is Manta Sleep Mask latex free?

Yes, Manta Sleep Mask is latex free in its material of choice (plastic) and thus will be safe for people who have a latex allergy. The nose clip is made of surgical rubber, so you should wash it before using it to avoid latex.

Are Manta masks worth it?

Manta Sleep Mask is perfect for those who need a soft eye mask that won’t slide off their face when they use it overnight. It’s also good for napping since it won’t impair your breathing or hearing. The thin design also reduces the amount of pressure around your eyes/face.

How do you fit a manta mask?

Manta Sleep Mask has elastic straps to fit most of the head shape. The nose clip is also a good fit for most head shapes, but it might be too loose for people with a small nose bridge. I’d recommend trying to find the best fit for your face with this sleep mask before you buy it, just in case you don’t like the way it looks.

Is the Manta sleep mask washable?

Manta Sleep Mask is machine washable like most sleep masks. This can be helpful if you get a bad cut on your face from shaving or need to wash your sleep mask often when using it.

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