How To Remove The Bed From A Sleeper Sofa? Best 11 Step By Step Guide

One of the most common questions we get from customers is how to remove the bed from a sleeper sofa. This is an age-old question that has no clear answer. However, I will outline some ways to remove the bed from a sleeper sofa.

Before you sleep on a sofa, remove the bed. This may seem like common sense, but sometimes the task seems too daunting.

This quick and easy step will take you less than 15 minutes, so don’t let a small inconvenience become an eternal decision.

How To Remove The Bed From A Sleeper Sofa? 11 Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Remove The Sofa Cushions

The first thing you need to do is remove all the cushions and pillows on your sleeper. The more weight you have pressing down on the bed, the harder it will be to remove.

Step 2: Remove The Decorative Throw Pillows

You can also remove any throw pillows or decorative pillows if there are any. They will not get in your way and may make swelling up your work area slightly easier.

How To Remove The Bed From A Sleeper Sofa
How To Remove The Bed From A Sleeper Sofa

Step 3: Remove The Mattress Cover

You will notice a thick foam mattress cover in your sleeper. You must remove it and set it in the living room to work with.

Step 4: Remove The Bed Frame

The bed frame will likely have a metal bar across the bottom next to the sofa. The metal bar will support your sleeper on all four sides.

Remove these bars, and do not attempt to remove any of them from the bottom – you may cause damage to your sofa.

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Step 5: Remove The Decorative Wood Pieces On Your Bed

Next, you need to remove any decorative wood pieces on your bed. These are placed there to hold up the mattress, and they get in the way of you removing the bed from your sofa.

Step 6: Unscrew The Screws That Go Across The Side Rails

To remove the bed from your sofa, you will need to unscrew a few screws that hold the rails on. If you already have a screwdriver, this is extremely easy and fast.

Step 7: Set The Rods On Top Of The Sofa

You will need to remove the rods that support your sleeper. Set them directly on top of your sofa so they do not fall.

If you are working alone, place one end of the rod on the edge of your sofa and then walk over to where you set up your bed cover and set down the other end of it.

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Step 8: Pull The Mattress Out Of Its Frame

Now you need to pull your mattress out of its frame. Some sofa beds will be very easy, and some will be stuck very tightly.

If you have trouble coming up with a way to remove your bed, try looking at our “how to remove the bed from a foam sofa” page for some suggestions.

Step 9: Set The Bed Cover Over The Sofa

After you have removed your mattress, it is time to set up your cover. Cover your bed with an old sheet or blanket to catch any small items that may fall off during the removal process. You will probably want to tie it down to stay in place when you create your solution.

Step 10: Choose A Way To Remove The Bed

There are many ways you can remove the bed from your sleeper sofa. I, unfortunately, do not have an answer for all of them, but I will offer some options along this line.

Pillow Top Box

First, you will need to remove your side rail. After that, place a pillowtop box over it and place it back in place. Then use your couch cushions to fill up the pillow top box.


You can also place a carpet against the sofa and use your couch cushions to fill up the carpet, and then pull your bed out behind it.


Lay all your cushions on a flat surface and stack them up. This will create a nice platform to remove your bed on top of.

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Step 11: Remove The Bed Frame From The Rails

There are some ways to remove the bed frame from its rails. It depends on how your sleeper sofa was built to work with, but there are bound to be some options that work for you.

You can try to go under the bed and pry it out using a crowbar or flathead screwdriver. If you are working alone, you can try to pull at one end of the frame and then push at another. You can also place your hand between the two rows of rails and invert the bed frame.

If these options do not work for you, you will have to use brute force.

How Do You Turn A Sleeper Sofa Into A Regular Couch?

Sleeper sofas can be very comfortable, but they take up a lot of room if you need to store them. To turn your sofa back into a regular couch, you have to flip the mattress over and lay it on top.

How Do You Disassemble A Sofa To Move?

Unfolding a couch is relatively simple, but you will have to disassemble it to get it in the truck. Here are some tips for removing your sofa.

How Do You Totally Disassemble A Sofa?

Depending on which company makes your sleeper sofa, certain parts or pieces will be pieced together to form the bed frame.

You can either remove these pieces separately and then assemble them again or go a long way and completely disassemble them first.

How Do You Move A Sleeper Sofa?

The best way to move a sleeper sofa is to remove it from the bed frame. You will then need to either disassemble or fold it up.

The more disassembled you make your sofa, the easier and faster you will be able to move it when you go on your trip.

How Do You Remove A Sofa Seat Cushion?

Larger sofas tend to have multiple seat cushions that may get in the way if you try to get under them. To remove them, you will probably want to detach them first.

Step 1: Place a flat head screwdriver between the seat cushion and the sofa.

Step 2: Get underneath the seat cushion and lift.

Once you have lifted the seat cushion, you can easily remove it by simply pulling it off your sofa.

Final Thoughts

Removing a sleeper sofa can be difficult, and not everyone is equipped to do this. To remove a sleeper sofa, you will need a crowbar or flathead screwdriver, An old sheet or blanket. You must be comfortable with working on your bed frame

If you are currently trying to remove your bed, then make sure that you look over our other blog posts for more tips.

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