How To Make Colic Baby Sleep? Best 7 Tips

How to make colic baby sleep? Colic describes the baby’s constant crying and frantic behavior, typically after feeding or gas pains. Colic is a relatively common condition that lasts for 3 or more hours at a time, occurring at least three days per week for more than three weeks.

This blog post will explore different methods for making colic baby sleep, providing useful information on how to soothe your infant.

As early as the newborn period, all of us have known that no matter how hard we hold our infant, he/she will continue crying and will not sleep. Based on my personal experience, there is nothing much you can do except for holding the baby and continue walking around or rocking it until it falls asleep.

However, there are many other methods of making the baby sleep that I have learned from others, and various products practitioners recommend. With this method, it is best to try all of them and see which one works best for your baby, as every baby is different.

What is a Colic baby?

Colic baby is a term used to describe a baby who cries intensely for a long period, typically after feedings or from gas pains. Colic often lasts 3 or more hours at a time and occurs at least three days per week for more than three weeks.

The most common types of colic are:

1) Chronic crying occurs 24-48 hours and can last for days or weeks. It is usually caused by gas pain during or after feedings and may be linked to some underlying health problem in the baby. Tummy pain is probably the most common cause of chronic crying. Most likely, your baby cries with abdominal pain caused by intestinal gas.

How To Make Colic Baby Sleep
How To Make Colic Baby Sleep

2) Colic attacks happen during a specific period and are often linked to digestion. The episodes most commonly begin at the same time every day, for example, after every feeding.

For example, if your baby regularly cries for about 1 hour after each of three feedings in the evening, you may have colic attacks at this time of day. It is thought that colic attacks are caused be due to overactive intestinal tract.

3) Colic with feeding problems occurs during feeding and lasts for a period of time, such as after every bottle feeding or after every feed. If your baby cries while trying to feed them and appears in distress, don’t hesitate to discuss this with your pediatrician.

symptoms of colic in babies

Colic symptoms can be so different from one baby to another. The following are some potential colic symptoms:

1) Crying a lot during or after feedings or gas pains.

2) Constant crying lasts long and cannot be soothed using a pacifier or other soothing techniques.

3) Severe and persistent fussiness. This means your baby is not happy while being carried, but they will cry more when left to sleep.

4) Crying more when being held.

5) Crying during certain times of the day, for example, around 3 or 4 pm and at night.

6) More crying during certain times of the day/night, such as after 2 am and before 2 pm.

It is important to note that some experts believe that other things besides gas pains might also cause colic symptoms.

How to make colic baby sleep? Best 7 Tips

1. Swaddling

The colic baby may be associated with an over-active nervous system. This is why they cannot stay still when asleep and will often move around the crib instead of sleeping soundly.

However, since the baby cannot control themselves, they need to be helped in this regard. Swaddling the baby will help calm down their nervous system and help them sleep better and sounder.

2. Timing is everything! (Stop Feeding At The Prime Time)

The baby’s condition is at its worst between 2-4 hours after feeding and when parents are resting. Because of this, it is best to stop feeding as much as possible at these times.

3. Place the baby to sleep on their back instead of the stomach

Having the baby sleep on their stomach may cause them to be inconsolable at night. However, the best way is by having them sleep on their back, which will only take a few minutes. Just keep holding their hands and chin.

4. Using sound machines

A lot of infants will not sleep well due to the fact they are disturbed by noises. It is best to place a sound machine near their crib to help them sleep better. Ensure the volume is low enough not to wake them up or irritate them.

5. Encourage the baby to drink more water

For young babies, the amount of water in their bodies directly affects their behavior and overall mood. By drinking water, they will have a reprieve from their stomach pains and be calmer and more relaxed.

6. Making the baby’s sleep schedule

When you change the baby’s schedule, you are upsetting their sleeping pattern, thus making it worse. If you want to keep your baby happy, it is best to follow their sleeping routine.

7. Swaddle them tightly

Did you know that babies hate being swaddled? It is best for them to feel secure in what they hold, especially for colicky babies. By swaddling them, their body will be soothed, and you will also have a better night’s rest.

When you can make your child sleepy instantly, they will no longer suffer from gas pains and other miseries.

If you have babies and your baby is colicky, the following are just a few tips you can try at home:

1. Feed them on time while they are still awake.

2. Try feeding them on the side instead of straight up.

3. Give them something sour to drink, such as cranberry juice or apple juice mixed with honey, to help soothe their stomachs during waking hours and before bedtime.

4. Let them sleep in your room so that you can easily comfort them.

5. Hold and cuddle them while they cry.

6. Always ensure that their diaper is clean and dry before putting on a fresh one, as this will help keep the baby from getting rashes or chafed from their wet diapers.

7. Provide a gentle massage on his back, arms, and legs to help calm him down and relax his body during stress or pain.

8. Swaddling the infant will help calm him down, ensuring his edges are secured. This is the simplest way to make your baby sleep better.

9. You can try putting a pacifier on your sweet baby’s mouth and see if that helps ease some of his pain. However, be sure to wash it after each use.

10. Create a new routine for themselves to be comfortable while awake and asleep.

How To Make Colic Baby Sleep

How to Soothe a Colicky Baby?

How to make your baby sleep better, especially if they are colicky? Here are a few ways you can do so:

1. Swaddle them tight and cover them up with a blanket

Swaddling a baby can help calm him down and help him sleep better. This is the most common way to make your colicky infant sleep better. This will also keep the baby’s motion under control.

2. Offer them a pacifier

Many babies will get so used to their pacifiers that they cannot sleep without them. This is why you need to ensure that you keep it clean and do not let bacteria form around the baby’s mouth and hands.

How do I survive my baby’s colic?

Being a parent of a baby who suffers from colic is no joke, but here are some ways you can soothe your little one at night.

1. Swaddle them tightly in receiving and thin cotton blankets.

2. Feed them on time, every time! When their tummy is full, their crying will stop for the most part and will help you easily get your baby to sleep.

3. Offer your breast to your baby if they will not take their bottle. Some babies only like their mother’s milk, so try this.

4. Try going on a long walk around the neighborhood. This sometimes works when the baby needs a bit of air in their body and some exercise.

5. Always hold your baby, no matter how much they cry or even if they refuse to sleep with you. But, always keep them as close as possible while they cry or are asleep, as this will help them feel safe and secure enough to fall asleep peacefully in your arms.

6. Feed them on the side to help prevent choking and if you have a bottle, use it in this method only.

7. Play music that is calming at the same time as you are trying to get your baby to sleep.

8. Hold, hug and cuddle your baby for at least 15 minutes, no matter their tears or how long they will be up. Be sure that you do not hold them too tight!

How to relieve colic in newborns?

Colic in newborn babies is a lot of trouble for the parents because of how much it will affect their sleeping patterns. However, there are things that you can do both before and after you give birth to make sure that your baby will not suffer from colic.

1. Try to find out what kind of food your baby can and cannot digest before feeding them. Some babies do not like a certain food, such as dairy products or meats.

2. Using a pacifier.

3. Swaddling your baby in a blanket.

4. Feed them at least twice a day.

How to cure colic in toddlers?

There are many ways to soothe a toddler’s colic, but it is not an easy task. Here are some things that you can try:

1. Babies usually get colic when they go through the painful process of weaning themselves from the breast, so try to be as gentle as possible when asking them to stop breastfeeding.

2. Offer them a pacifier

2. If they are not napping well at night, try and get them to nap during the day.

3. Offer soft food, like bananas or apples

4. Try to make sure that you are consistent with your routine so that they can sleep better at night and wake up on time for school too

5. Get as much rest as possible and avoid nursing your baby if you can for a few hours before bedtime if they are colicky.

How long do colic babies sleep?

If you have a colicky baby, you will no doubt notice that they will be up at night. This is normal, and this is the time when they do their crying and screaming.

A baby with colic between 0 and 3 can sleep 4-5 hours daily, about 10 hours at night and 5 hours during the day.

3-6 month-old babies can sleep for about 10 hours at night, 3-4 hours during the day and 2-4 hours in the morning.

7-12-month-old toddlers sleep for about 12 hours at night and a little bit less during the day, so try to ensure enough rest during the daytime.

How to Help Your Baby Sleep?

The good news is that colic babies sleep very well at night, around two to two and a half years of age. Even if your baby has it for years, you can make sure that it will also be able to fall asleep. The following are some things that you can do both before and after you give birth to make sure that your baby will not suffer from colic.

How long does colic last?

Babies who suffer from colic can be very fussy and hard to calm down. They tend to cry and make loud noises, especially during feeding. However, when they are asleep, they seem to be very still, making you wonder if they are really asleep or not.

In most cases, babies who suffer from colic can start sleeping well between 2-3 years old. It will depend on the severity of their colic, so you may need to follow a few different methods to get your baby sleeping better.

How to burp a colic baby?

If you are suffering from a colicky baby, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you burp your baby. You can do this by feeding your baby warm water or even colic medicine if necessary.

If you know what food is causing your baby’s pain and discomfort, refrain from feeding them that food for the time being, as this will help ease the symptoms somewhat.


It is a lot of agonies to have a baby, especially when they suffer colic. Colic babies tend to be very fussy and hard to soothe, making it difficult for you to get them to sleep well when crying. However, there are things that you can do both before and after you give birth so that your baby will not suffer from this problem.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my post, and please feel free to put your comments and questions down below. I will love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments regarding this post.

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Do colic babies have trouble sleeping?

Yes. Colic babies can be very difficult to soothe, and they will cry endlessly throughout the day and night. Even when asleep, they struggle to get to sleep in the first place, making things even worse.

Why is my baby’s colic worse at night?

Colic babies struggle to sleep at night because they are not used to the darkness. If you are trying to get your baby to sleep, try putting on some lights in your room or even playing calming music so they will feel safer and calmer enough to fall asleep.

How long does colic last each night?

Colic babies usually start sleeping better as they grow older, depending on the severity of the problem each night. Just keep trying and be patient. Even if your baby is not sleeping well during the day, this will usually get better after a few days.

Does my baby have colic?

Colic babies tend to be very fussy and hard to soothe. They will usually cry during their daily activities and when trying to fall asleep. If you notice that your baby has these symptoms, there is a chance that they are suffering from colic.

What does colic feel like?

Colic can be very severe and painful for the baby, making it difficult to get back up after feeding them. It can be very painful and hard to get rid of.

When will colic babies start sleeping better?

If your baby has colic, you can start sleeping better as they grow older, but they may always have it in the future. This will depend on the severity of their symptoms, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it during the first few months of their life.

How Can I Help Soothe My Colicky Baby?

Colic babies can be very hard to soothe, but the following are some ways you can help ease their symptoms. Offer them a pacifier. If they are not napping well at night, try and get them to nap during the day. Offer soft food, like bananas or apples. Try to ensure that you are consistent with your routine so they can sleep better at night and wake up on time for school.

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