How To Make Chloroform Sleeping Gas? 9 Easy Steps To Make

How to make chloroform sleeping gas? Chloroform is a colorless volatile liquid that boils at 36.6°C and is denser than water, soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone, benzene, and oils. It was also used as an anesthetic until the discovery of safer alternatives.

It will be used to make a sleeping gas that can be inhaled to have the desired effects.

How to make chloroform sleeping gas?


Chloroform 80 ml; Ether 20 ml; Acetone 10 g.

Here are the 9 steps in making sleeping gas or chloroform.

1. Into a bottle with a cork, put 4 ounces of hydrochloric acid with 1 pint of water and fill the rest of it with alcohol to make the chloroform soaking solution.

2. With a funnel, place the solution into an empty bottle and quickly close it tightly, so no air leaks out.

3. Add 20 ml of ether and 10 g of chloroform into another bottle.

4. Add the chloroform ether mixture to the corked hydrochloric acid solution bottle.

5. Shake the bottle vigorously until all gases seep into each other, dissolve any residue with more ether, then shake again to get rid of any last trace of ether.

6. Once successfully done, carefully open the bottle and sniff the holes at the bottle’s edges as you get ready to feel very tired.

7. Make sure that you are in a safe place or alone when trying this method, and make sure not to fall asleep while trying out this experiment.

8. Make sure that anyone will not disturb you while you try this experiment, and make sure you will be able to wake up again afterward.

9. Remember to try and tap your finger on the table or your foot to alert yourself that you are still awake.

How To Make Chloroform Sleeping Gas

Additional notes:

1. The main ingredient of chloroform is in the hydrochloric acid solution of the bottle containing 4 oz of it.

2. A lot of acetone also is needed to dissolve all the liquid.

3. Always try to wear a rubber glove first so you will be able to feel more of the chloroform.

4. Always breathe in slowly and even slower to ensure that the gas will not suffocate you.

5. Get ready for a slight headache after trying this experiment out but never mind it. You are still breathing chloroform while you are awake, which can cause headaches by itself.

6. If the experiment does not work or if it makes you dizzy, do not try this experiment again.

7. This can be done in any room except for a garage.

How long will it take to make?

After making the chloroform, you will have to wait for it to dissolve into alcohol. As soon as the chloroform dissolves into alcohol, you can store it in a glass bottle and use it whenever you need more chloroform.

How will you feel after using it?

This experiment will make you feel very tired and have a slight headache. The headache can be relieved by taking aspirin.

What do you get out of it?

You can get the drowsy effect from this experiment and even use it to commit suicide because chloroform is flammable and has a strong odor of alcohol. You will also learn how to obtain chloroform from hydrochloric acid and alcohol.

What are the benefits of sleeping gas used for sleeping?

1. It is not a dangerous poison or gas and has no side effects.

2. It can be made without complicated instructions, making it easier to make.

3. It is light and can provide a long-lasting sleep.

4. It can be made in advance as it stores very well and can last a very long time.

5. It is good to use if you are on a long journey or travel alone or with others where the chances of being disturbed are low.

6. It is a cheap way of sleeping because you do not need to buy expensive chloroform and keep it in a highly scented place.

7. If you want more information, the name of this substance is chloroform, the chemical name is 1,1-dichloroethane, and its IUPAC name is 1,1-dichloroethylene.

What are the negative effects of sleeping gas?

1. It can be used to commit suicide by killing yourself by inhaling the sleeping gas or drinking the chloroform.

2. You can become very dizzy if you use it while you do not know its effects.

3. It is a bad chemical to have around even if it is not dangerous because of its chemical properties and poisonous nature.

4. It is a strong, pungent gas that has an odor of rubbing alcohol.

5. It can be very dangerous in the hands of a child or an immature adult who may want to try it out just because it can make one sleep.

Final Thoughts

With all the information that we have gathered and information that you can look up online, we will be able to obtain chloroform easily and without any complicating instructions.

This is a very good experiment to try because it can be tried out in a lot of different manners, and it involves making a sleeping gas that can put you to sleep for a long time, but if you are on a long journey, this is the best way of doing it.


What Are Some Of The Different Ways That Chloroform Can Be Made?

There are a lot of different ways to make this substance. One way is using hydrochloric acid, rubbing alcohol, and ether. Another way is by mixing it with ammonia which can also make smelling salts for sick people.

Is Chloroform Dangerous?

While chloroform is not as dangerous, it still has its dangers. It is a very poisonous substance and can cause drowsiness if used wrongly.

How Does Chloroform Make You Feel?

If you are using this correctly, you will feel lightheaded and drowsy. You may even feel like you are drunk due to the effects of alcohol in the chloroform mixture.

How Long Will It Take You To Fall Asleep If You Are Using Chloroform?

It depends on how much chloroform you are using and how you inhale it. However, the average time a person falls asleep in about 5 minutes.

Does It Hurt To Inhale Chloroform?

When you use the chloroform, it will not hurt your lungs, but there are ways in which inhaling it can be painful. If you use chloroform as a sleeping gas and have someone else do it for you, you may feel pain from the person’s hands.

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