How To Make A Sleeping Beauty Costume: 12 Best Ideas

How to make a sleeping beauty costume? Sleeping Beauty costumes are a great way to bring a classic Disney character into the real world. There are many different sleeping beauty costumes that you can wear for Halloween or other themed parties. 

These include full body, dress-up, and even plush costumes! Be sure to read this article to find out all the different options available for choosing your perfect costume. 

How To Make A Sleeping Beauty Costume
How To Make A Sleeping Beauty Costume

Sleeping Beauty costumes are a great choice to make for Halloween. There are several things to consider when making your own Sleeping Beauty costume, but the most important thing is that you need a dress. 

You can either buy one or make it yourself. If you choose to make it yourself, there are some helpful tips below! 

How To Make A Sleeping Beauty Costume?

Sleeping Beauty costumes are fairly simple when it comes to materials needed. This is because most of them come with the dress, headwear, and accessories already included in the set. If you want to know how to make a sleeping beauty costume, then be sure to read below for more details:

Here are 12 ideas for making a sleeping beauty costume:

1. Full Sleeping Beauty Costume

The full-body costume is by far the most common costume choice. It includes a dress, wig, and shoes, all modeled after what Aurora wore in her movie! You can find these costumes at many different retailers or make one yourself if you are crafty.

This sleeping beauty costume is the easiest to make because there are no hard pieces you need to assemble.

2. Sleeping Beauty Costume Dress

Sleeping Beauty Costume Dress
Sleeping Beauty Costume Dress

This type of sleeping beauty costume also comes equipped with a matching wig and shoes! The dress is often made of satin or other shiny fabrics and can be found at many different retailers for an average price range. These dresses are often adorned with glitter or jewels.

3. Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Costume

These costumes tend to be the most expensive, but they come with everything you need! The dress and wig alone can cost around $100, depending on where you shop for it. It also often includes a crown and other accessories such as shoes and stuffed animal companions (like a turtle.)

4. Big Kid Sleeping Beauty Costume

This costume is for children between the ages of 4-10. The costume includes an attached dress with glitter embellishments and puffy sleeves and matching headwear without the wig. It does not include shoes or accessories as some other costumes do! Children can often get away with wearing their black shoes with the dress.

5. Toddler Sleeping Beauty Costume

For children under 2 years old, there is a little girl version of the full-body costume!

Toddler Sleeping Beauty Costume
Toddler Sleeping Beauty Costume

It does not come with a wig or headwear and often falls lower on the waist than for older kids. This can be accented by adding a black ribbon or other fun accessories.

6. Princess Aurora Costume

Princess Aurora Costume
Princess Aurora Costume

This costume has a unique twist! It includes a long blue dress and headpiece, but it looks like the classic Little Mermaid Ariel. The best part about this costume is that you can wear your shoes! Just add a wig and some glitter for extra fun!

7. Fancy Sleeping Beauty Costume

This costume is for adults! Although it does not include a wig, the dress has plenty of accessories so that you can add your hair and jewelry! The dress includes long sleeves with tulle at the bottom, which makes for a very elegant look. It also comes in many different colors so that you can choose what best suits you!

8. Beautiful Sleeping Beauty Costume

This costume is for women who want to go all out! It comes with a voluminous skirt, tulle sleeves, and even fake tulle gloves with a diamond accent. The crown is included, which makes this the perfect choice for going to royal Disney theme park events!

9. Maleficent Sleeping Beauty Costume

This is the criminal version of the sleeping beauty costume! It includes a dress with dark shoulder embellishments and a long cape. The headwear has a large horn on it to complete the look. You can also find many different face paint options that look just like her face!

10. Adult Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Costume

This is a full-body costume that includes a dress and headpiece. Depending on the buyer’s style, the dress can be made with satin, tulle, and other fabrics! It also has glitter embellishments around the neckline and layers of fabric in the skirt, making it perfect for fancy events.

11. Men’s Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Costume

This is for the men who want to go all out! It includes a suit jacket, dress pants, gloves, and even a tutu underneath so that your legs are covered as well! The headpiece includes the peacock feather design that often adorns Aurora’s outfits in her kingdom scenes.

12. Kids Wicked Fairy Costume

This costume is for children who want to dress up as the evil fairy, Maleficent! It includes a long green dress with shoulder embellishments and matching shoes that have skulls on them. Unlike the other costumes mentioned, this one does not come with headwear or gloves!

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What Materials Are Needed For A Sleeping Beauty Costume?

The costumes mentioned above include pretty much everything you need to make a complete ensemble! Remember to check out local stores and online shopping websites for the best deals on sleeping beauty costumes.

If you want to know what materials are needed for a sleeping beauty costume, then scroll down below for more details:

1. Sleeping Beauty Wig

A wig is a must-have for a sleeping beauty costume! This will often include the bright blonde hair that makes Aurora’s looks come to life. If you want a specific length, then make sure to check out our guide on how long wigs are made. Some costumes may include matching headwear instead of a wig, so read all descriptions carefully.

2. Sleeping Beauty Dress

A big part of a sleeping beauty costume is, of course, the dress! This can come in a few different styles and fabrics. Make sure to match the colors to your style preference and consider if you will need leggings or long sleeves for warmth during colder months.

3. Sleeping Beauty Gloves

This is not always included with costumes but is an important accessory for making your sleeping beauty look complete! The gloves should be long enough to cover the dress sleeves and offer a nice lace detail at the end. Some costumes may come with matching gloves, so be sure to read all descriptions carefully.

4. Sleeping Beauty Shoes

These should go along with your dress color of choice. Most of the shoes are made with either a satin or shiny fabric, making them perfect for parties and nighttime events! Depending on your sleeping beauty costume, you may not need to wear shoes if they come with stockings instead.

5. Sleeping Beauty Crown

This is included in most costumes but can be bought separately if desired. It has a nice gold paint design and ornate jewels on the headband! These are usually made with shiny fabric to match dress colors well.

6. Sleeping Beauty Stockings

Some costumes include fancy stockings instead of shoes, so you have the option of wearing leggings under your dress without feeling too cold! They should match the color of your dress for a complete look.

7. Sleeping Beauty Accessory Set

This is an optional accessory that can include many different things, including wands, magic ties, and more! If you want to get every part of your sleeping beauty costume, check out these sets, which often come with matching headwear and gloves!

Sleeping Beauty Costumes For Adults And Kids

The costumes mentioned above are for adults and kids, but a wide range of sleeping beauty costumes are available to purchase!

This includes everything from roleplay sets for children to fancy outfits you can wear when going out with friends.

Sleeping beauty costumes for adults and kids are the perfect accessory to your Halloween costume this year.

There are many different sleeping dress styles, so you can find one that suits your taste.

If you’re looking for a more classic look, try out our pink princess dress, or if you want something with sleeves, we also have these in green and blue!

No matter what style of Sleeping Beauty Dress you like best, they will all make your night into an even better one.

How To Make A Sleeping Beauty Costume From Scratch?

If you want to make your own sleeping beauty costume, all you need are some basic craft supplies and a sewing machine.

It will be a good idea to have one of these on hand if you want an even more accurate representation of Aurora’s gown from the movie!  The most important part is how beautiful it looks when you’re wearing it, so if you don’t know how to sew, try asking a friend for help!

If you’re not much of a seamstress, then there are many other options in the Sleeping Beauty Costumes section for ready-to-wear outfits that look great.

Be sure to keep in mind your budget and what type of occasion you will be wearing your Sleeping Beauty Dress to if you’re not familiar with sewing.

Sleeping beauty costumes in stores and online

Choosing can be a little difficult with all the amazing Sleeping Beauty Costumes available in stores and online!  We have ideas of where to find some of the best deals below!

  • Shop around on Amazon.  Amazon has one of the largest selections for Sleeping Beauty Costumes and other similar cosplay outfits.
  • Visit online stores like eBay or Amazon if you’re looking to save money on craft supply costs.  You can also try asking your friends and family if they have any supplies you could use!
  • Check out consignment shops in your area.  Local consignment shops usually have a lot of really cool pieces that are hard to find at regular stores!
  • Visit thrift stores to get the best deals on Sleeping Beauty Dresses and accessories, but be careful about stains or tears in the fabric that you can easily fix by hand.

Sleeping Beauty Costume Contest

Sleeping Beauty is a classic story that will always be loved and remembered by people of all ages.  If you’re looking for a group costume idea, be sure to check out some costume contest websites online to see if they’re hosting any contests in your area!

This way, you can get lots of compliments on your amazing Sleeping Beauty Costume while also winning some cash prizes for yourself!

Remember to set a budget before buying your Sleeping Beauty Dress to know what contest you can afford to enter.

Does Sleeping Beauty Wear A Crown?

In the film Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora is wearing a tiara, but she is never seen wearing a crown.  Many different accessories can be used as a crown or tiara for your outfit, so try out some different options and see what looks best!

Sleeping Beauty was released in 1959 by Disney and is a classic fairy tale that can never be forgotten.  If you’re looking for an easy group costume idea or a last-minute outfit, Sleeping Beauty costumes are perfect!

Sleeping Beauty Dress Fabric Care Tips

All fabrics have their washing requirements which should always be followed to ensure the best possible results.  Foam and satin fabrics, in particular, should be followed to the specifications provided by your dry cleaner.

Sleeping Beauty Dress Fabric Care Tips

  • When cleaning a Sleeping Beauty Dress, make sure to use cold water instead of hot.  Hot water can cause colors to fade or fabrics to shrink unpredictably.
  • Use a mild soap or detergent in cold water when washing Sleeping Beauty Dress.  Using strong soaps or bleach can ruin the fabric of your dress!
  • Put in a laundry bag if you have one to help protect your Sleeping Beauty costume.  The last thing you want is to have all your hard work ruined by snagging on something or tearing at the seams!
  • Hang your Sleeping Beauty Dress up to dry or lay it flat with a towel underneath to help absorb any extra moisture.  Please do not put your Sleeping Beauty Costume in the clothes dryer as it can cause damage to the fabric and might not be safe for certain materials.

Does Sleeping Beauty Wear A Tiara?

Sleeping Beauty does wear a tiara, but she’s never seen wearing only the tiara.  Many Disney princesses are depicted wearing tiaras in some of their outfits, but Sleeping Beauty was supposed to be dressed as Aurora the Good Fairy instead!

If you’re looking for an extra accessory to use with your Sleeping Beauty Dress, consider trying on different tiaras to find the right crown or tiara for your costume!

What Color Is Sleeping Beauty’s Dress?

Sleeping Beauty wears a pink dress with gold trimmings.  The colors are quite vivid and bright, making it perfect for group costumes with other Disney characters!

Note:  You can find different styles of dresses and fabrics for your Sleeping Beauty costume, but make sure to follow all fabric care tips on this page before wearing it to a contest or party.

How Does The Sleeping Beauty Dress Look On Me?

If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration while searching for ideas on wearing your Sleeping Beauty Dress, there are many different styles!  You can wear your Sleeping Beauty Dress with a jacket or by itself for some simple cosplay.  

If you’re looking to get more creative, try coming up with patterns and designs on the dress fabric beforehand by using felt-tip fabric markers.

The Bottom Line

I hope this blog post helped you learn how to make your sleeping beauty costume. If it did, please share with a friend who might also be interested in making their own!

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