How To Make A Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake: 12 Easy Steps To Make It

How to make a sleeping baby diaper cake? Many moms make their own cake following the recipe to celebrate milestone birthdays such as a first birthday or a baby’s first birthday.

This can include a variety of delicious foods, including any item typically found in a cake mix, such as vanilla wafers, buttercream frosting, and instant pudding mix.

There are also many unique twists on the basic cake that busy moms and anyone can enjoy.

How To Make A Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake? 12 Easy Steps

If you’re looking for a creative way to surprise your little ones when they wake up, this DIY diaper cake is the perfect fall-themed gift.

How To Make A Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake
How To Make A Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake

The dough hovers over the cake itself, and nothing makes a baby happier than when they’re surrounded by baby food! These quick and easy steps will help make having a sleeping baby cake-making party one that they won’t soon forget.

The diaper cake idea is simple.

You will need

  • 6 large diapers
  • 1 small bottle of shampoo
  • 1 small tube of diaper rash cream
  • Sharp knife or box cutter
  • The cake looks like a baby, candles and candle holders, ribbon to decorate the cake, and plates to serve the cake.

The diapers will be used as the outside “trunk” of the tree. This is a diaper cake.  The tree trunk will be created using square diaper boxes, but you could also use large-size disposable diapers.


Step 1

Using a sharp knife, cut a hole in the side of the box. Use scissors or a box cutter to cut.  You will see what I mean by “cutting” as you watch the video.

As you can see that I have to repeat this step because my cutter is not long enough to reach through without going around another piece of cardboard.  But long enough to cut the edges and corners.

Step 2

Lay the large diaper on top of a small box or diaper.

Step 3

Add a layer of small diapers to fill the spaces around this layer.  I used 7-8 small diapers, although I’m sure a little less would work fine too.

Step 4

Cut your baby’s head out of the large diapers you layed out for the trunk.  You could use a small piece of styrofoam or foam core to make the head.

Step 5

Use scissors or a box cutter to cut off the foot and leg on the side of your baby’s diaper cake.  Remember, this is not your actual baby, so do not cut into the diaper where they sit.  I’m using my thumb to stop myself from slicing too far into the diaper.

Step 6

Cut the top off your baby so that they can sit up.  You could use a small piece of styrofoam or foam core to make the head of your baby.

Step 7

Make a hole in the center for the candles.  I used a sharp knife and cut right through this center, so you don’t have to worry about cutting into the diaper where you babysit.  To make the hole, cut around the outside of the center circle on a diagonal.

Step 8

Add one layer of baby toys on top of your baby’s head.  That’s all you’ll need for this step.

Step 9

Repeat Steps 5-8 until you have finished your entire diaper cake.  I have made three diaper cakes so far, and you can use as many or as few layers as you’d like.

Step 10

Now for the most important part, the candles.  I used a small birthday candle for this step.  Light the candle and carefully insert it into the hole you make in the center of your tree trunk.

Step 11

Light your candles on fire and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. The cake will be a big hit, and the candles will keep it safe from small fingers who want to get too close.

Be sure to supervise children who may be too curious about this new cake that’s been prepared just for them.

Step 12

Let your baby wake up on their special birthday morning, surrounded by all the love and fun you have pre-planned for them.

The candles will burn while they’re sleeping, and you can enjoy a moment of quiet time with family and friends.

I don’t have to tell you that this also creates the perfect opportunity for pictures, so no matter how big or small your celebration may be, a diaper cake is sure to be the perfect fall decoration and keepsake for your friends and family who made it.

Why Need Sleeping Baby Diaper Cake?

1. It’s cute, comfy, and convenient for the baby to rest, it’s a great choice for your baby to lie at home on the first birthday party or other special occasions or holidays;

2. It can be preserved forever as a keepsake

3. Your baby will be warm and protected all the time when it is in sleep lying on it

4. It has been tested that it’s hypoallergenic, which means it wouldn’t cause any harm to your baby

5. It is a good toy for your babies to lie on and play with

6. It is made from 100% natural cloth, which has the advantages of material softness, breathability, and hygiene

7. It is machine washable, but please wash it by gentle cycle in cold water

8. It can be used as a quilt when your baby uses adult bedding to sleep or play since it’s very soft and warm;

9. You will have a big surprise that the cake pops out when you open the box.

10. It’s made from the highest quality of EPE, a high-end environmental protection material that is safe for babies and mothers.

11. The baby food cake makes a great centerpiece for your baby shower or first birthday party.

12. You can collect all kinds of shapes of the baby food cake series as you like and arrange them according to different themes for every special occasion or holiday;

How Many Size 1 Diaper Do I Need To Make A Diaper Cake?

You need to figure out how many diapers you need to make your diaper cake.

Your diaper cake should be at least 6 diapers high before you start to put the diapers together. So, if you have a 4-layer cake and a 4-layer cake, that is 8 diapers.  You might want to use 50-60 when making an 8-layer cake.

What Are The Steps For Making A Baby Shower Diaper Cake?

The first step in making your diaper cake is figuring out how many diapers you need.  The second step is cutting out the diapers.  If you don’t have a rotary cutter, you will need scissors or a box cutter.

How To Measure The Diapers?

The next step is figuring out how big your diaper cakes should be.  You can take one of your diapers and lay it on another diaper (the bigger the diaper, the smaller the cut), then cut through all four sides around that square edge.

So if you have a 4-layer cake and a 4-layer cake, that is 8 diapers.  You might want to use 50-60 when making an 8-layer cake.

What Is The Best Way To Cut The Diaper Cakes?

To cut the diapers, you can use scissors or a box cutter.  Once you have one side cut, go around the other sides and pull them off.

What Is The Best Way To Put The Diapers Together?

The most important part of making a diaper cake is turning them into circles.  You can grab several diapers in each hand and twist the ends around each other until they form a big circle.

Then you will need to make sure the diapers are evenly spread out so that it doesn’t form bumps.

If you have built your cake too high, you can put the diaper cake in a large plastic storage bin and turn it upside down. This will help keep the diapers evenly spread out so that they don’t form bumps.

How Many Diapers Do You Need For A Small Diaper Cake?

First, you want to decide how big or small you want your diaper cake to be. The standard size for diaper cakes is 4 layers, but you can make yours any size you’d like.

You need about 30 diapers, about 6-8 diapers for each layer.  You will also need cake rings, ribbons, and accessories.

How Many Layers Are In A Diaper Cake?

Professional diaper cakes usually have 3-5 layers.  When making a small diaper cake at home, you can decide how many you would like to make.  Two is a good number if you are starting.

The Bottom Line

Diaper cakes are a new trend in baby showers. They are fun to make, and they make wonderful gifts for new parents. If you’ve never seen one before, here is how to make your diaper cake.

Not only can you find a lot of diaper cakes online for sale, but many sites provide free plans and instructions for making every sort of diaper cake your heart could desire.

Be sure to check out all the different types of diaper cakes that you can make before deciding on a design.

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