How To Deflate A Sleep Number Bed: Top 4 Easy Step

This article is going to show you how to deflate a sleep number bed. Sleep Number is a popular brand of air mattresses, also known as an airbed or waterbed. 

Inflating and deflating your airbed will greatly extend its life and make each use more comfortable. The process is simple once you have all the correct equipment on hand.

Sleep number beds are known for being high-quality, durable beds that last years without needing replacement parts. They can do this because their technology is so advanced that it makes owning one worth it.

This process of deflating a sleep number bed will take about an hour and save you money by allowing you to store your bed when it’s not in use instead of paying for expensive storage units year after year. Follow these steps exactly as stated or risk ruining your mattress! 

Do Sleep Number Beds Deflate?

Yes, they deflate and inflate easily. Keep in mind that the bed will never be as good as new again once it has been deflated; however, this is still a great way to save money and time by allowing you to store your bed quickly and effectively when it’s not being used!

4 Steps How to Deflate Sleep Number Bed?

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your inflating hose and pin are nearby and a few extra minutes.

Step 2:

Next, you want to move the little dial on your air mattress from “up” to “down.” This will slowly begin deflating the bed until all the air is out.

Step 3:

After defeating your bed, it’s time to cover the hole to prevent debris from entering and keep the bed clean for storage. You can use anything handy like a plastic bag or piece of cloth. This will be used to create an airtight seal around your hose so that none of the air escapes while you are transporting it.

Step 4:

Finally, place your hand firmly on top of the sealed area and slowly pull the pin out to release all the air completely inside your mattress. This last step may take a few minutes, so be patient with it until all the air is out! To re-inflate the bed, you have to switch it back to “up” and plug in your inflating hose. It’s that easy!

Now that your air mattress has been defeated, it’s ready for storage until its next use. Store it in a clean, dry location either under your bed or with other inflatable items in a safe and secure location. 

Deflating your bed will allow you to save money on expensive storage units or even potentially damage it by not sealing the hole before moving it! Follow these series of steps exactly as stated and enjoy years of use from your mattress without worrying about losing sleep over how to deflate a sleep number bed!

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Will Sleep Number Disassemble My Bed?

Yes, Sleep Number beds are very easy to disassemble. This is because the original cover, which turns out to be a bottom cover can easily be removed by unfastening 4 clips.

Step 1: Unfasten the clip

You need to find and unfasten all four clips on your sleep number bed. You will find one on each corner of the bed. The good thing is that you don’t need to worry about unfastening all 4 at once; you can take your time and unfasten them one by one.

Step 2: Pull the covers off

Once you have successfully unfastened all four clips, it’s now time to pull out the covers. It would be best to do this slowly to ensure that you don’t damage the seams or fluff.

Step 3: Find the valve

Finally, you will want to place your hand on the mattress and locate the inflatable nozzle (also called a fill valve). The fill valves are normally found at one end of the air mattress.

Step 4: Deflate the mattress by pulling off and squeezing the valve

You can now deflate (or detach) your bed. What you need to do is firmly hold onto the nozzle and pull it upwards. You should be able to feel air coming out through your fingers as soon as you begin pulling on it. You just have to continue pulling and squeezing your sleep number bed mattress nozzle until all the air is completely out.

You can now neatly roll up your deflated mattress, ensuring that you keep it as flat as possible. Wrap it in a protective bag or some other kind of cover to prevent dust from settling on it. Now that your sleep number bed is disassembled, it’s now ready for easy storage.

You can now easily store your sleep number bed in the same place where you usually keep your other inflatables like the pool or any other items which occupy limited space.

You can set up your mattress back to its usual position by following the reverse of these steps. Just remember to fasten all four clips when you are done to restore your mattress to its full form!

It’s very easy, right? Now that you know the exact steps to disassemble a Sleep Number bed, there is no need to hire somebody else to do it for you. You can now enjoy having a clean sleeping space without worrying about damaging your mattress.

How To Fix Air Loss in a Sleep Number® Bed

How long should a Sleep Number bed last?

Most types of warranty for the Sleep Number bed covers only one year from the date of purchase. In this case, you have to return your defective bed within this limited period of time, and they will fix the problem free of charge. If not, then you will have to pay for the parts and labor.

However, if you want a warranty that covers your Sleep Number bed for an extended period of time, then take a look at the Signature Select mattress. This product comes with a full 10-year limited warranty from the purchase date.

The life expectancy of a Sleep Number bed depends on how well it is made and cared for. It can be said that an average Sleep Number bed will last 5 to 10 years. This is a good indication of the product’s durability if you use it responsibly.

What is the life expectancy of a Sleep Number bed?

It is best to compare the life expectancy of a Sleep Number bed with other types of mattresses. While it may be difficult to generally find an average age for beds, you can estimate that it will last around 7 years. Remember that this number isn’t fixed and varies depending on how well the bed is maintained during use.

If you think that your Sleep Number bed has seen better days, then it is time to contact them through their website or over the phone. If you cannot find any warranty information posted on the official site (or if it doesn’t cover your problem), you should call to file a complaint with customer service.

Once you make your request for warranty assistance, they will need to know the exact problem you’ve encountered as well as proof of your purchase. This can be satisfied by providing a copy of your receipt or other important documents such as your warranty manual.

Remember that if you want a warranty that covers the Sleep Number bed for an extended period, then select their Signature Select mattress. You will get a full 10-year limited warranty from the time of purchase.

The Bottom Line

This blog post concludes with the knowledge that there are various ways to deflate a sleep number bed. If you have any other tips, please share them below! Thank you for reading this article on how to deflate a sleep number bed–we hope it was useful and informative!

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