How To Attach Co Sleeper To Bed: 4 Easy Steps To Attach Co-Sleeper

How to attach co sleeper to bed? There are many ways you can attach a co-sleeper to your bed. If you have a headboard, the easiest way is to attach it with Velcro straps and hooks that loop around the railings of your headboard.

Another option is to use screws and brackets by drilling into the wood of your headboard. You can also buy an attachment that will hook onto any bed frame without drilling anything into it!

This blog post will walk you through each step in detail so you don’t have to worry about how hard this process might be for you.

What Is A Co Sleeper Bed?

A co-sleeper is a bed that attaches to your own bed. It’s convenient for night breastfeeding and makes it, so the baby doesn’t roll away when you fall asleep.

Attach Co Sleeper To Bed
Attach Co Sleeper To Bed

Putting in the screws to attach the railings to the headboard:

1) Measure how long you want the railing to be (I put mine more towards the center of the headboard, not on the edges).

2)Mark where you want to put your screws. It’s probably best to drill more holes for the screws rather than fewer because it allows for a little more flexibility when you’re trying to find that perfect spot. If you have an electric screwdriver, this part will be a breeze.

If not, I suggest drilling pilot holes first (where you’re going to put the screws). Remember that once you use an electric screwdriver, it leaves an indention in your wood. You can cover this up with wood putty or stainable wood filler if you want it to be less noticeable.

3) Make sure you have a stud finder and that you’re screwing into the wall studs! Getting this wrong will have your co-sleeper falling in the middle of the night.

How To Attach Co Sleeper To Bed?

You will need:

  • Screws that are the correct length for your headboard (you can find these at any hardware store)
  • Electric screwdriver or drill with a tiny bit to make pilot holes and a larger bit to screw in screws.

1) On both sides of your co-sleeper, attach two hooks, so they grab the railing of the co-sleeper.

2) Screw in brackets on both sides of your headboard. Make sure it’s on a stud! If you’re using just regular screws, put pilot holes first, so they don’t split the wood of your headboard.

3) Take the railings off and attach hooks to them as well.

4) Attach railings to your headboard, and you’re done!  

I picked up a pack of metal hooks from Home Depot for $2. A package of two hooks is probably more than enough for this project. I had some leftover screws that came with my brackets, but they’re only a dollar or two if you need to buy them.

If you want to attach it in another way, I highly recommend using brackets. Brackets are useful for when you might need to remove the co-sleeper (like if you move, etc.). They make it, so you don’t have screws showing on both sides of your headboard!

For the brackets, I picked up this pack for $6.

I hope that helps! If you think of an easier way to do it, please leave a comment below 🙂

Is Co Sleeper Safe For Kids?

Co Sleeper, also known as Co-Sleeper co sleeper is a baby bed that attaches to the side of the parent’s bed for co-sleeping.

It provides proximity and access to kids, which makes it easier for breastfeeding. Parents with younger babies who wake up at night with hunger are likely to feed their young ones in bed while lying down. This brings comfort and prevents stress for the baby.

Parents like co sleeping because it makes everything easier for them. This makes them worry less about waking up in the middle of the night to check their kids, who are currently sleeping next to them on a separate bed.

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How Do You Use A Co Sleeper In Bed?

Using a co-sleeper in bed allows you to get more sleep and rest while your baby sleeps safely next to you.

A co-sleeper is a bedside bassinet that attaches to the side of your own bed. Some attach with straps or brackets, while others are lightweight and can be lifted on or off of the bed as needed. Co-sleepers also come with their own sheet (or you can use your crib sheets), so you don’t have to worry about safety or hygiene.

Co-sleepers are great because they are very portable, so if you have two parents who want to sleep with the baby at night, it’s easy for both of them to take turns without having to worry about rolling over on your little one.

It also means that your baby will be right next to you if he needs to be fed in the middle of the night. Plus, co-sleepers offer parents peace of mind by keeping their baby within arm’s reach and eliminating the possibility of a blanket covering a sleeping baby’s face.

Co-sleepers are lightweight and easy to move from one room to another. You can use your co-sleeper when feeding or rocking your baby to sleep, so he doesn’t have to be moved too far.

And if you’ll be traveling overnight with your baby, a co-sleeper that attaches to the side of your bed can make staying in hotels or visiting relatives much easier!

What Is A Good Way To Attach The Co Sleeper To The Bed?

A co sleeper is a great way to keep your baby close and safe while at the same time allowing you both to get some much-needed rest. Should you decide on this type of sleeping arrangement for your infant, your best bet would be to opt for one that attaches securely to the side of an adult-sized bed.

Several different types of bedside co sleepers attach to the bed in various ways. It is important that you only buy one that attaches securely to your own bed for safety reasons to not fall off at night.

Secure attachment can be accomplished by using attachments with straps or brackets, depending on the style you choose. You may opt for a basic co-sleeper or go with an elaborate, larger model that has lots of bells and whistles.

If you’d prefer one that attaches to the bed with straps, look for one that has long enough straps to be securely attached with your mattress on top of it. These work great because they don’t leave any marks on the bed itself.

If you prefer to attach your co-sleepers with brackets, look for one that has brackets on the base of the sleeper rather than at the top. This will allow for more stability and security while preventing tipping or other risks associated with this type of attachment. One important thing to remember, though, no matter how it attaches, always fully tightens down all connections before placing your infant inside to sleep.

How Do You Attach A Co Sleeper To The Bed?

Co sleeping and using a bassinet bowl next to your bed can be dangerous, especially if it attaches with straps or brackets because you could fall asleep and roll over on top of the baby while he is sleeping in that area.

So if you want to co sleep but don’t want the dangers of this, you can attach a co-sleeper to your bed with straps or brackets. Other options will not attach to the bed but rest on it, and these are good apart from falling onto the baby.

If you decide to use a co-sleeper attached by straps or brackets, please follow all instructions. Many models use these methods, some safer than others, so always check the reviews before purchasing.

How Do You Lock The Sides Of Arms Reach Co-Sleeper?

To lock the sides of a co-sleeper, Arms Reach Co-sleeper, you need to push the safety button and lift simultaneously.

Where Do You Place A Co-Sleeper?

It is important to place your co-sleeper in the right location. It would be best if you placed it at least two feet away from any other furniture, walls, or heavy objects. It should also not be placed on a soft mattress, sofa, or cushion that could suffocate the baby if he rolls into it.

Where Do You Place A Co-Sleeper
Where Do You Place A Co-Sleeper

The good idea is to place the co-sleeper beside your bed alongside the bedhead. If you do not have a bedhead or tall enough railings for this, you can place it in front of the bed; however, make sure there is no gap between the mattress and co-sleeper where the baby could get stuck.

When you place your co-sleeper, be sure that it does not have any gap or space between the back and bottom of the sleeper. This gap is a suffocation hazard for babies, so it is very important to ensure that babies cannot get stuck in it.

How Long Can Co Sleeper Be Used?

A co-sleeper can be used for as long as you like, provided your baby is over 6 months of age. It is recommended not to use the co-sleeper after your baby reaches that age simply because he will need more space in his bed to move around.

If you want, you could start using the sleeper when your child is only a few months old. Just make sure to remove all pillows and extra bedding once your child reaches 6 months or older because he could suffocate with these items in his crib.

Another good idea is to transition out of the co-sleeper at around 18 months of age, by which time your baby will be ready for a regular bed.

The Bottom Line

It is good to attach the co-sleeper so it cannot slide off of the bed. If you want more information on how to do this, please feel free to reach out, and we can provide steps for attaching your co-sleeper securely with our team of experts.

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