How High Is A Mid Sleeper Bed & Top 5 Benefit Of It?

How high is a mid sleeper bed? A mid-sleeper bed is a great option for any child who wants to use the entire height of their room.

The height of this type of bed means that it can easily accommodate bookshelves, toy storage, and even desks underneath its frame. This post will give you an overview of what you need to know about mid-sleeper beds.

Mid sleeper bed is a great way to make a small room look bigger by adding a little storage and having the option to create a den underneath the bed. There is nothing like having your own space!

This article will help you choose the best mid-sleeper for your child that fits into your home decor too. A mid-sleeper bed is a great option for any child who wants to use the entire height of their room.

This bed type means that it can easily accommodate bookshelves, toy storage, and even desks underneath its frame.

What is mid sleeper bed?

Mid-sleeper beds are becoming increasingly popular these days. Also known as bunk bed sets, they have a mattress that sits right underneath the raised upper bed, which can be used for sitting or placed to create storage under-bed.

It is basically the same design, except the second bed is usually elevated above floor level and not below it.

Mid-sleepers can also be transformed into bunk beds by simply replacing the lower mattress with another one. Also, some units have built-in desks on either side of the elevation to study or play games.

How high is a mid sleeper bed?

In most cases, a mid-sleeper bed is typically around 4ft 6″ from the floor.

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How High Is A Mid Sleeper Bed

The height of the mid sleeper bed can vary depending on your requirements and budget. There are many options to choose from, including the option to attach a ladder for easier access.

How wide is a mid sleeper bed?

The standard size for a mid-sleeper bed is 5ft x 3ft6″. Some manufacturers offer extra-wide versions that accommodate box springs and mattresses up to 7ft in width, so checking this measurement before purchasing is necessary.

The Four Main Types Of Mid Sleeper Beds

There are four main types of mid-sleeper beds on the market:

1. A simple wooden frame bed with a ladder and storage space underneath sits directly on the floor.

2. A more complicated, DIY mid-sleeper that comes as a kit with instructions to put together yourself.

3. A panel system is another DIY mid-sleeper that requires access to a workshop or garage where you can screw wall panels together.

4. A mid-sleeper bed is installed as a drop-down bunk from the ceiling with a ladder and two separate beds underneath. One bed for your child and one spare bed that can be used as storage space if needed.

My favorite type of mid-sleeper bed is the panel system, with its sleek linear design. However, I think it may be too modern for some children’s bedroom styles. So I will focus on the first three types of mid-sleeper beds in this post.

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Mid sleeper beds are available in a range of prices and styles

The most basic wooden cabin bed with storage space underneath is the cheapest option. This type of bed costs around £200.

If this simple design is too plain for your taste, you can get a mid-sleeper with built-in stairs and storage drawers, which cost upwards of £400.

You can also buy pre-made panels to construct your own DIY mid sleeper bed, which will cost you a little bit more.

What are the benefits of having mid sleeper bed?

1. The main benefit of a mid-sleeper is that it saves space in your child’s room by putting the bed underneath the desk or seating area.

This allows you to make better use of your child’s bedroom, making it both functional and stylish.

2. Mid-sleepers can be used as bunk beds, making them very popular with children who like to sleep in bunk beds. They grow up quickly, so you will always have at least one spare bed for your child’s friends.

benefits of having mid sleeper bed
benefits of having mid sleeper bed

3. If you choose a mid sleeper that comes with storage space underneath, it will be easy to provide extra storage for your child’s toys, books, or clothes that are out of season.

4. Mid-sleepers are also great because they are safe, with high side rails to protect your children from falling at night.

This is especially important if you have young children who tend to climb on furniture during the day.

5. If you buy a pre-made panel system, it will be easy to move the mid sleeper around and take it apart if you need to.

How are mid sleepers different from normal single beds?

Mid-sleepers are bunked beds without the actual bunks attached. This means that there is a lot of storage space to be utilized under the bed. The upper bed can also be used as a cozy reading nook!

What sizes do mid sleepers come in?

Mid-sleepers come in three standard sizes: single, double, and triple. The most popular size is the triple bed, which is best suited for older children.

A single mid sleeper set can be used by kids aged 4-5 years, while a double or triple one is often more suitable for teenagers.

What are the features of mid sleepers?

Mid sleepers come with exclusive and unique features to enhance safety and comfort. Some popular ones include:

There are safety rails on the edge of the bed to prevent falling if you move or wake up in the middle of the night.

Mattress support slats are attached to each frame for added firmness and comfort. For extra firmness, there are also double-decker models available with 2 mattresses stacked one over the other.

  • There are storage drawers to keep books, clothes, and toys easily accessible.
  • Built-in desks on either side of the bed to make the working area more efficient.
  • Headboard cushions exist for quick sleep or reading books before going to bed
  • There is bogie space under the bed for extra storage.
  • Space-saving design that is perfect for small rooms, saving space and adding more functionality to the room.

What age is mid sleeper beds for?

Mid-sleeper beds are typically used by children aged 6-14 years. However, depending on your child’s bedroom size and how much space you have to work with, even younger kids may benefit from a mid-sleeper bed.

If you only have room for a single or double mid-sleeper bed, it can be ideal for children aged 4-5 years.

If your child’s room is spacious and you have the budget for a larger bed, we would recommend getting a triple mid-sleeper so that it can be used even when your child grows up.

How thick should a mid-sleeper mattress be?

There is no standard mattress thickness for mid-sleeper beds. It depends on your needs and how tall your child is, and the model you choose. The most popular option tends to be 12 cm.

Are there any safety hazards involved with mid-sleepers?

When assembling a DIY mid-sleeper bed, take extra care by following all the safety instructions to avoid any accidents with your child.

If you buy a pre-made mid-sleeper panel system, the manufacturer has carried out all safety precautions, and there is no need for you to worry about it.

Are mid sleepers suitable for adults?

Mid sleeper beds are not suitable for adults. Mid sleepers are designed with children in mind, but there is no harm in using them as a guest bed if you have space to spare.

How difficult is it to assemble mid sleeper beds?

It depends on the model that you choose. Pre-made mid-sleeper panel systems are typically very easy to assemble, while a DIY mid-sleeper bed is typically a bit more challenging.

Can a 4 year old sleep in a mid sleeper?

Yes, a 4-year-old can sleep in a mid sleeper bed as long as it has the right size and is not too high.

The Final Word

A mid-sleeper bed is a great place to sleep if you want more space and don’t mind climbing up or down. It’s also good for those who like the feeling of sleeping elevated off the ground.

The height difference between this type of bunk bed and a regular twin mattress on the floor can be as much as 8-12 inches, which means it may not work well for taller people because they will need to bend their knees to get into it!

If you’re considering purchasing one, make sure that your home has enough headroom so that someone won’t hit their head when getting out from under the top bunk.

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