How Can We Sleep While Our Beds Are Burning? 3 best ways

How can we sleep while our beds are burning? The world is burning, and the oceans are boiling in these extreme conditions that we never before thought could happen.

The Earth’s biosphere is in major trouble, and it may be too late to prevent the collapse of civilization.

Humans are the ultimate cause of this phenomenon because we have over-polluted our air, water, and land with greenhouse gases.

It truly looks like we have put Earth through its last breath, but maybe not? There may be another way for us to save ourselves from a complete shutdown of human civilization.

The idea of geoengineering is a radical but proven idea to ensure the survival of human civilization.

It is simple to understand; The Earth’s biosphere has been harmed so drastically by humans that we have put ourselves in danger and other species in danger.

Geoengineering would involve fixing the damaged biosphere by adding chemicals gases or producing more particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight into space and reduce global warming.

How Can We Sleep While Our Beds Are Burning? When The World Is Burning, How Can We Sleep Peacefully?

We should all be screaming at our leaders to save humanity and stop global warming right now! Our actions have put ourselves in danger and species that inhabit the Earth.

The Earth has been in this situation before, but never so severe as it is now. Past climate change events are very similar to what we see today.

What separates us from now is the rate of change we are experiencing today. Our actions will have a drastic effect on the future of other species and us.

How Can We Sleep While Our Beds Are Burning
How Can We Sleep While Our Beds Are Burning

The oceans are experiencing an increase in acidity due to the rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere from fossil fuel emissions.

Here are 3 best ways to sleep when our bed is burning:

1. Now is the time to reduce our carbon emissions, now.

2. Create global warming treaties with other countries and witness them signing; watch it happen on TV.

3. Find your green lifestyle that won’t cause harm to our planet and helps out in other areas of the world as well for your own healing.

The best thing we can do to help fix this problem is do it ourselves since we’re the ones causing it.

We should all reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, not only for us but for the whole world and other species that depend on us to stop global warming.

Earth’s biosphere faces a major threat in the form of climate change. The oceans are experiencing increased acidity due to rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Why Should We Care About Ocean Acidification?

The ocean is the main source of food for humans and over 80 percent of species that live on Earth.

Our Oceans have absorbed approximately one-third of human CO2 emissions since the Industrial Revolution began to increase atmospheric CO2.

As the oceans absorb CO2, they become more acidic, and the rate of change is happening quickly.

Unfortunately, there are no feasible ways to stop this process, but we can try to reduce the rate at which it occurs.

To achieve a safe level of atmospheric CO2 concentrations (450 ppm), we need to reduce our emission levels by about 6% each year for several decades (International Panel on Climate Change Report).

It is extremely urgent that we immediately reduce the burning of fossil fuels and implement renewable energy technologies.

We are harming our environment for future generations and causing the extinction of many species.

Climate change is speeding up the rate at which species extinction is happening.

According to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Report, sea levels are rising due to the melting of land-based glacial ice and thermal expansion (water expands when it gets warmer).

How Can We Sleep When Our Beds Are Burning And All Of Our Work Is For Nothing?

The future is uncertain, and it’s dependent on how much we reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

The oceans will keep absorbing CO2 until they have reached a safe level, but what is a safe level?

Is It The Amount Of CO2 That We Have Today Or When Levels Reach 500 Ppm?

We need to stop the ocean acidification process before it becomes irreversible. We can achieve this by reducing our carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.

The future of humanity is uncertain and lies in our hands. We need to act now and start reducing our fossil fuel emissions.

How Can We Go To Work While The World Is Burning?

We need to take action on a worldwide scale, not only for ourselves but also for the future of our species.

We must be willing to sacrifice for the future of our societies and other species on this planet.

Humanity’s future depends on how much we reduce our fossil fuel emissions. We can take certain actions to reduce them; renewable energy sources, like wind, solar, and geothermal power, are the best ways to create energy from the Sun or the wind.

Final Thoughts

Climate change is speeding up the rate at which species are going extinct. The oceans have absorbed approximately one-third of CO2 emissions from human activity since the Industrial Revolution.

We need to act now to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations; this will only happen if we reduce our emissions by 6% each year for several decades.

We need to continue reducing carbon dioxide emissions to achieve a safe level of atmospheric CO2 concentrations, below 450 ppm and no higher than 350 ppm.


Can We Cause More Global Warming?

Yes, by raising the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The amount of CO2 we have today is not enough to cause global warming. If we continue to release CO2, it will eventually reach levels high enough to cause global warming.

How Long Will It Take To Reach That Safe Level?

It’s hard to say, but it will reach this level in the next 50 years unless we act fast to reduce emission levels.

How Much CO2 Do We Release Every Year?

The amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere from human activities has steadily increased over the last 200 years from 280 parts per million (ppm) in 1816 to 400 ppm in 2000. It is expected that we will reach 600 ppm by 2050.

How Popular Are Beds Are Burning?

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Why Do I Burn Up In My Sleep?

1. You may be burning the candle at both ends, and literally.
2. You may have a sleep disorder, like narcolepsy or sleep apnea, that causes you to overheat during the night.
3. If your sheets are overly warm or have a hot-water-bottle type of blanket, that can raise your body temperature too high while you’re asleep.

Why Do I Move Down The Bed In My Sleep?

1. You may have restless legs, a sleep disorder that causes you to move around during the night.
2. You may have a periodic limb movement disorder, a sleep disorder that causes you to get up and walk around in your sleep more than once per hour, with each episode followed by leg jerks or kicks and sometimes torso twisting.
3. Especially if you are overweight or have osteoarthritis of the knees, leg pain in bed can move you closer to the edge of the bed.

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