How To Stop Frowning While Sleeping: 10 Amazing Ways

How To Stop Frowning While Sleeping

How to stop frowning while sleeping? The habit of frowning during sleep is called “sleep face,” which can cause premature aging. Sleep-face causes the muscles in your face to contract, which leads to wrinkles.  Sleeping with a neutral expression or smiling helps prevent this from happening. You should also avoid drinking alcohol before bed because … Read more

How To Calibrate Sleep Number Bed: 8 Easy Steps

How To Calibrate Sleep Number Bed

How to calibrate sleep number bed? Sleep number beds are adjustable air-filled mattresses with individualized settings for each side of the bed. The more people on one bed, the more likely you will need to calibrate your sleep number setting. One of the biggest complaints I hear is that they can’t get a good night’s … Read more