Can You Upgrade Your Sleep Number Bed? 5 Easy Steps You Can Upgrade

Can you upgrade your sleep number bed? Yes, but with a lot of caveats. Sleep Number has two versions of beds. You’ll want to call customer service to ensure that you’re purchasing the right one.

Their Select Comfort beds are made from premium materials and cost more than $1,500. They also come with a five-year warranty and free return delivery in North America.

If you want to upgrade your sleeping number bed, we have some options. Keep reading the article to do this.

Can You Upgrade Your Sleep Number Bed Easily?

Sleep Number’s Select Comfort Beds offer a pretty amazing setup for back pain relief.

The head and neck support allows your body to maintain proper posture and align your spine. With the sleep number bed, your head stays in the correct position while you are asleep.

It also helps you sleep throughout the night. You won’t be waking up in pain after only four hours of continuous sleep like you would with other beds such as a traditional mattress.

Can You Upgrade Your Sleep Number Bed
Can You Upgrade Your Sleep Number Bed

The sleep number bed provides you with tailored Support. This means that you can adjust the firmness of your bed to fit your body. If your shoulders are achy, you can have more foam in that area on your mattress.

If you have a bad back, you can increase the firmness in your lower spine area so that it’s more stable to hold your body properly during sleep.

Overall, Sleep Number beds provide an amazing concept for comfortable sleeping and pain-free days and nights.

How Can I Make Upgrade Your Sleep Number Bed? 5 Easy Steps

If you’re interested in upgrading your sleep number bed, here are 5 ways to get the job done.

Step 1: Call Sleep Number Customer Service.

The first thing to do is call Sleep Number customer service so that they can assist you with ordering the right bed. If you need this product shipped to Canada, select free pickup and delivery options during checkout.

Step 2: Make Sure You’re Ordering A Select Comfort Bed.

When purchasing a sleep number bed, always make sure that you order one of the Select Comfort beds. Please don’t confuse the sleep number with their regular line of beds.

The regular line is really for those who just want a good price and aren’t concerned about quality or comfort. The regular beds are made from cheaper materials, so don’t expect much comfort or Support.

Step 3: Order Your Replacement Mattress.

You can do the job yourself once you have the right sleep number bed and your new mattress. You just need to replace your current mattress with a new one just as soft as the old one.

Step 4: Get A Support Belt.

To make your sleep number bed feel even more comfortable, fill up all of the compartments on your support belt with additional foam.

After doing this, adjust its firmness in places where you are most likely to experience pain from sleeping on a regular bed.

Step 5: Upgrade Your Pillow.

Another way to make your sleep number bed feel even more comfortable and supported is by getting a better pillow.

Sleep Number beds come with free pillows, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best ones. Whereas the regular line of Sleep Number products is made from cheaper materials, the Select Comfort products are made from premium material and sit on top of premium foam.

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5 Common Sleep Number Bed Problems

Here are the five most common sleep number problems we found  to consider when researching if Sleep Number is right for you:

1. Trench Effect:

This happens when the foam in your sleep number bed doesn’t breathe properly. This can cause your body to sweat and stay too warm during the night.

2. Stretching of Foam:

Sometimes, it can stretch as you sleep on a Sleep Number bed if you have Back Support. This will cause it to feel more firm than it is.

3. Back, Neck, and Shoulder Problems:

Sleep Number beds are designed for optimal alignment for back and neck support and spine stabilization throughout the night’s sleep cycle.

These effects can cause pain and discomfort. If you have back, neck, or shoulder issues, you may want to look elsewhere.

4. Quality of Mattress:

If you are looking for a new mattress, consider looking at the mattress cover underneath your Sleep Number bed.

Your bed must be well-constructed and well-made. The construction of your sleep number bed should be smooth on top so that the foam doesn’t become compressed or crushed during sleep.

5. Liquids and Sleep Number Beds:

You can’t use any liquid on your sleep number bed because it will cause damage to the foam inside the bed.

This means that you shouldn’t use anything to clean your mattress. Water or liquids can cause permanent damage to your sleep number bed’s warranty, so make sure that you do not use liquids on them.

Final thoughts

I hope you found this article helpful if you are interested in getting an upgrade to your sleep number bed. Also, feel free to ask me questions about this product by leaving a comment in the section below.

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What Is The Lifespan Of A Sleep Number Bed?

The weight capacity of your Sleep Number bed should be more than the weight you need. However, you can usually expect to get a year of use out of your sleep number bed. After that, the foam in the bed will start to degrade.

Does Sleep Number Offer A Trade-In Program?

Yes, Sleep Number offers a trade-in program. If you purchase a new sleep number bed or buy a new mattress to put on your old one, they’ll give you the trade-in value of your old mattress.

How Can I Make My Sleep Number Bed More Comfortable?

If you have a Sleep Number bed with a too-firm or too-soft consistency, you can add additional foam to your adjustable support belt. By filling the compartments with a different density foam, you can make the bed as comfortable as possible.

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