Banana Sleeping Bag: Best 5 Benefits Of Using It

Banana Sleeping Bag is a single-person sleeping bag. It’s large enough to cover a 6’8″ person on average. It has no zipper, so you’ll need to prop it open with your feet.

It is open on both ends and is intended to be propped open with the feet to be like a banana.

Many people find sleeping in the cold refreshing. Still, others find it difficult to get even remotely comfortable when they need to sleep on hard ground or just below freezing temperatures.

The best option is generally to bring a sleeping bag in such instances. However, a sleeping bag that takes up too much space when folded and packed is often not the best option.

The Banana Sleeping Bag is an alternative that does not take up much room in your backpack. You can be sure that the Banana Sleeping Bag is fresh, clean, and safe.

Best 5 Features Of Banana Sleeping Bag

1) Small, Foldable – Weighing only slightly more than a hardback book. This Portable Sleeping Mat will easily fit into most bags and packs to help you get some rest while on the go.

2)  100% PES products material, not PVC or Polyester – The best choice for your health after long term stays in it under very low temperature (10 F ~ 35 F).

3) Natural Comfort&Good Heat Retention – Natural cotton lining and brushed polyester shell provide a very comfortable sleeping surface for you. It keeps your body heat.

Banana Sleeping Bag
Banana Sleeping Bag

4) Mainly Used as an emergency survival bag in Premise Purposes – this Is a high-level studio production that used the idea of bamboo reed ground and over pulled folding design to form a realistic banana shape; add durable shoulder straps are available so that you may use while hiking or camping during emergencies

5) Remarkably easy to carry and store as it is so compact that you can keep it in your smallest bag or car.

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How Does The Banana Sleeping Bag Work?

As everyone might know, cotton does not hold too much heat when wet. If you stay cold at night sitting on snow or in a dew-covered field, then the Banana Sleeping Bag will come to your rescue!

When you lie down completely inside the folded sleeping bag, there is enough room for moisture vapor that rises from a warm body surface like skin and hair to get trapped inside so the fabric can retain its warmth. As pressure is kept out with the help of a foot-wide seat, you can lie down on it without covering up.

The side padding in this incredibly small sleeping bag is removable so that a couple of more layers under your weight and warmth can be increased for extra insulation calls for an additional purchase which will do just fine to keep you warm as well.

Banana Sleeping Bag Specification

1. Material: Top: 100% Cotton; Bottom: 100% Polyester with natural cotton lining

2. Size: Fits most adults. Dimensions when fully inflated is approx 8ft 6in x4 ft 9 inches (2673mm*148). Please note that actual size may vary depending on your body shape and weight. Relative to each person’s wish before purchase, it will be more accurate.

3. Comfortable, smooth to the touch, and durable.

4. Keeping Warm in Spring and Autumn seasons.

5.Size: (L)220cm*(W)30cm*(T)12cm (appr.)

6. Color: Natural color (As shown in the picture) or optional according to your requirement!

7. Packing: You may have it packed with a carton or as your request!

8. MOQ: 500sets

9. Delivery time: 10-15 days after receiving the deposit, depending on the order and quantity!

10. Payment: T/T 30% deposit by T/T and Balance 70% paid before shipping

11. OEM service available

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Product Specification

1. 100% Rayon

2. Density: 0.22±0.015 kg/m³ (measured by the method of broadband transmission)

3. Length x Width(standard): 160 cm*40cm

4. Inner lining material: 100g fabric (whatever may be chosen by customers)

5. Design:12-22″*9′-10′

6. Packing dimension: 80 cm/ 31,8 in 7. Drawing: Available color printing on the bags

8. Sample time: 7 to 30 days after deposit received with a cleared PayPal account or T220 model, please feel free to contact us for an order of sample when you need it!

Banana Sleeping Bag Warranty


2. We will send you one new one in case of any quality problems to replace the broken or defective items within 12 months after your purchase.

3. The warranty only applies to the original buyer or end-user. If you are reselling the item, the warranty does not apply.

4. The production defects must be reported within one month after receiving the goods by following our warranty procedure. The defective products will be replaced by a new one at no charge for returned items after following quantitative examination results and prepayment of freight charges.

5. We will bear all shipping costs for replacing goods unless otherwise agreed with you in advance.

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How Much Price This Bag?

The normal price is $24.70, but it could be cheaper if you have a certain amount of bags to order at once!

Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Banana Sleeping Bag?

We are LuckyBanana bags, a professional supplier and manufacturer of the finest quality bags and products, with our technical R&D team.

We are a leading manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in custom-made Natural Bamboo products working for national and international brands such as iphone, Samsung, Dell, HP, Blackberry, and many more.

Best 5 Benefits of Banana Sleeping bag

1. Environmentally friendly

Unlike other materials, bamboo has been widely recognized as a sustainable resource, which means that its production did not reduce the overall health of nature to any substantial degree. It does not release toxic substances into surface water or soil during harvesting.

2. Sleeping Bag for those Hot days

This bag is perfect for all travelers who want to sleep in style on holiday with no worries about getting cold air. A super-soft sleeping bag that provides great warmth for the summer months.

3. Long Lasting

Bamboo fibers are incredibly strong and don’t break easily, so they can last a very long time without cracking or stretching out of shape when used regularly.

When your sleeping bag is still in good condition years after using it, you know that you got quality materials at the start!

4. Hypoallergenic

Apart from its eco-friendliness, we do not detect any chemical material used in making these bags compared to cheaper ones.

They may be a little bit more expensive than other natural materials, but you’ll feel comfortable at night knowing that your sleep is in safe hands!

5. The Best Choice for Travel

Sleeping well starts with the right equipment as far as we are concerned, and this sleeping bag has scored big on all fronts because it’s so stylish, lightweight, and warm. We have been wearing and have felt a cozy warmth while sleeping.

Taking it with us on our travels can help you be more aware of the beauty around, feel at peace one day because your mind is relaxed, enjoy local flavors, or go to sleep in a new country knowing that everything will turn out just fine (always an important benefit).

Can I Use Banana Sleeping Bag In Hot Summer?

Our Banana Sleeping bag is perfectly suitable for many cold and even milder climates because it has a dual-layer solution that protects you against the elements.

However, if this sleeping bag isn’t able to withstand below 36°F, that’s when things might get desperate here, so we recommend our first choice product above instead, as seen on How I Packed My Bag 5 Easy Pieces + 1Cute Bag.

It also fits better inside your nice new duffel bag so that you can carry your sleeping bag comfortably on any flight, road trip, or adventure out there.


The banana sleeping bag is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials that constantly need to be replaced. I hope this article will help you choose the best sleeping bag for you!

If you like the product and want to know more about it, please leave a message below.

Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested or have any questions. Thank you!

Have a nice day!

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