How To Sleep On An Adjustable Bed Side Sleeper? || 5 Easy Ways

How to Sleep on an adjustable bed side sleeper? Many people ask what the best bedside sleeper is and if it really matters.

First, you should know what a bedside sleeper actually is. A bed side sleeper does not just refer to any sleeping position on the mattress. Still, it is an adjustable bed that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. This allows for secure and comfortable sleep as well as prevents snoring.

To begin with, you must first know that any kind of adjustable bed will be a bit more expensive than ordinary ones.

Adjustable beds are made with more advanced technology and superior design. This is precisely why they cost more than ordinary beds. And while they may be a bit pricier, they offer various benefits over the latter.

What Is An Adjustable Bed?

Adjusted beds are beds that can be adjusted in both height and width. Unlike ordinary beds, they have a mechanism that allows the user to adjust the body’s posture to one’s own liking.

How To Sleep On An Adjustable Bed Side Sleeper? 5 Easy Ways

Adjusting a bed can be done in many different ways. Nevertheless, the most common way is by using the “5 easy ways” to sleep on an adjustable bed side sleeper.

1. Sleep With The Left Arm And Leg Over The Right Arm And Leg

The first method is a basic one – it is actually very simple but also very comfortable. It is called the “Left Side Sleeping Position.”

All you have to do is turn your body to the right side so that your left arm and leg are over your right arm and leg. Consequently, this allows both arms to be resting comfortably on top of each other. It also helps with circulation and prevents pain in the shoulder and hip joints.

2. Sleep With Your Arm By Your Side

This method requires a bit more effort than the one above. You’ll be sleeping in the “Right Arm Position” this time.

All you have to do is lay the palm of your hand to the side of your head. Then, slide the rest of your arm on top to parallel with your side by bending your elbow and resting it on a pillow.

Adjustable Bed Side Sleeper
Adjustable Bed Side Sleeper

3. Sleep With Your Legs At A Seated Position

This method requires having a little bit more space than usual. However, when you are already in bed, this position is very comfortable, and you can do it alone or with another person.

To do this, you will want to sit on the bed with your legs spaced out comfortably. Then, lie down as if you’ve just fallen off a chair. Finally, tilt your head towards one side while your neck stays neutral. This is the ideal sleeping position for preventing dizziness, blood pressure issues, and snoring – because it keeps the airways wide open.

4. Sleep With The Upper Body Vertically

It would be best if you first got used to sleeping on your side for this one. However, instead of having your arm and leg on top of each other, you will be resting them perpendicularly.

To get into this position, simply straighten your arm to be vertical. Then put it down by your side and turn the palm of your hand upward towards the ceiling.

To make things easier, you can also prop up your head. This can be a bit tricky if you’re short, but pillows are available to help with this.

5. Sleep On Your Chest

You may think that sleeping on your chest is uncomfortable and not very comfortable; however, it’s actually very practical in the long run. It is best used during cold winter nights when lying on your back isn’t quite as comfortable.

You only have to lie on your chest lengthwise. Then, simply stretch out the legs and the arms so that nothing is touching the mattress or vice versa. But, do not lay on your abdomen or use this when you are pregnant.

Benefits Of Adjustable Beds For Side Sleepers

Now that you know how to sleep on an adjustable bed, you might be wondering why they can be so beneficial.

Adjustable beds have various benefits, but here are the main ones for side sleepers.

1. An adjustable bed allows side sleepers to adjust their position and eliminate pressure on their joints.

2. Adjustable beds allow for optimal pressure relief.

3. An adjustable bed helps prevent snoring and sore throats.

4. An adjustable bed helps to relieve symptoms related to sleep apnea.

5. An adjustable bed helps prevent back pain and stiffness.

Can A Side Sleeper Use An Adjustable Bed?

Side sleepers can certainly use an adjustable bed for a better night’s rest. And if you are bothered by any kinds of ailments, you should consider buying one because they can relieve your pain.

However, you have to remember that not all beds are adjustable, and there are also different types of adjustable beds available on the market.

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Are Adjustable Beds Good For Side Sleepers?

Adjustable beds are beneficial for side sleepers because they can eliminate pressure on the joints. There is less stress on the body with an adjustable bed, leading to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

It can also help relieve symptoms of poor circulation which include fatigue, sore muscles, and headaches.

While adjustable beds are not only intended for side sleepers, they can be especially helpful for them, especially if they snore or experience pain in their cervical area or shoulders.

Can You Sleep On Your Side In A Zero Gravity Bed?

If you are a side sleeper and think you might get the best sleep in zero gravity, there is good news. The answer is yes; you can use them at the same time.

Zero gravity beds are made with special space that allows you to sleep in any position – sleeping on your side will be no different.

Moreover, there are multiple kinds of zero gravity beds that allow for the body to be tilted in different directions or a bed that may have an incline feature for extra support.

Can Stomach Sleepers Use An Adjustable Bed?

Stomach sleeping may be very comfortable for some, but some prefer sleeping on their backs.

Most adjustable beds are designed for the side sleeper, but you can use an adjustable bed if you simply lie on your stomach.


Now that you know how to sleep on an adjustable bed make sure you get one if you want a better night’s sleep. An adjustable bed is the best bet if you are experiencing any physical discomfort while sleeping.

It is also a good investment because it allows you to adjust the position and get rid of backaches or certain body pains quickly and easily. And while they may be a bit pricier, they offer various benefits over the latter.

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